Bardin Goreksson

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Bardin Goreksson
Bardin Goreksson.jpg
Level 1
Dwarf ranger active.png Ranger Veteran
Level 7
Dwarf ironbreaker active.png Ironbreaker
Level 12
Dwarf slayer active.png Slayer
Level 1
Two-Handed Hammer
Level 2
Great Axe
Level 4
Level 6
Hammer and Shield
Level 7
Drakefire Pistols
Level 8
Level 9
War Pick
Level 11
Axe and Shield
Level 12
Dual Axes
Voice Actor
David Rintoul

Summary[edit | edit source]

Bardin Goreksson is a Dwarf, and one of the five playable Heroes in Vermintide 2. In official media, he is usually seen with a large beard, wielding a hammer and occasionally a shield.

He may be the shortest in the group of heroes, but the Dwarf Ranger Bardin Goreksson certainly makes up for it in ferocity, determination and spirit. Gregarious, prideful and not afraid to offend, Bardin is frequently seen charging into the thick of battle, axe or hammer in full swing and leaving a trail of Skaven corpses behind him. Once the victory is assured, he will be the first back to the pub, roaring and laughing at the top of his lungs in a manner of which only a dwarf is capable.

Bardin arrived in Ubersreik as part of his journey to discover the lost hold of Karak Zorn. After the events of Vermintide, Bardin continues to accompany the rest of the heroes while still searching for the lost Dwarven hold.

Based on which career the player chooses in-game, he is seen as a Ranger Veteran, honing his existing Ranger skills, an Ironbreaker, skilled in underground fighting, or as a Slayer, who has sworn an oath to only die during combat with a great foe.

 Official Description[edit | edit source]

Bardin Goreksson introduced himself to the world as an unstoppable avalanche on the battlefield, an ale-swigging hurricane at the inn, and a steadfast friend by the campfire. A bulwark of comradeliness and good cheer, Bardin became the glue binding our unlikely band of heroes.

Driven by his search for the lost dwarfen hold of Karak Zorn, Bardin has been somewhat side-tracked by the ceaseless Skaven interference. Yet he stays true to his spirit, fighting the good fight as a hero whose deeds do his ancestors proud! [1]

 Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Gameplay with Bardin is actually designed to have a viewpoint shorter than all other characters.