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Career Skill[edit | edit source]

(note: there is currently a bug that prevents the correct audio file from playing for Career Skills. Only the host's equipped/unlocked heroes voicelines will play when in groups.)

Career Skill Quote Audio
Disengage An old ranger trick...
Just like that.
Setting them up.
Always something in store... hehe.
Like I was never here...
Like smoke on the mountain...
Don't worry, kruti. I'll be back.
Always works, that.
Impenetrable Come on!
Over here! Easy pickings for you, only a dawi!
Right here! Give me a good shot!
Aye, here's where the action is!
I'll give you one for free!
Still here! Just take a swing!
Boga! I'm still standing! Do it proper!
Is that all you got! You must have more!
Someone give me a real one!
There's more room here!
No, not enough, try again, harder!
Boga! I'm still standing! Do it proper!
Come on, wazzoks!
Come on then!
Oi, wazzoks!
Come here!
Come here, wazzoks!
I know you're daft. But are you also blind?
Aye, test my Gromril! Go for it!
Not enough, neither in numbers or effort! More!
Take your best shot!
Oi! Over here!
You hit like gobbos, the lot of you!
You stink stronger than you strike!
Go on! Hit me! Harder!
Go on! Again! I can take it!
That all you've got?
I've a grandmother hits harder than that!
Leap Grimnir!
Grimnir's wrath!
For Kadrin!
By the ancestors!
Kazak Gotikaf!
Gromthi Dokor!
I'll skin the wazzok!
That one's MINE!

Chatter[edit | edit source]

Triggers Quote Audio
Ambient during level We're a fine band, dawri. None better. Wasn't sure at first, I admit.
Wonder what's happening back home?
Valaya's Bread! It's creaking under my boots, running on umgak!
Quickly now, I want an ale.
Killing an enemy That's what we call a Barak Varr handshake!
Now, that's how Cousin Okri used to do it.
Agh! Bring it on!
Hah! You want another, Kruti?
Blood everywhere, and another one's gone!
I can do this all day!
Grimnir's Fury! This is no time to slow down.
That showed the wazzok!
Bit slovenly, but he's down.
Cousin Okri says hello!
Come on, wazzoks! A dawi awaits you!
Parrying Horde with Shield This dawi is on Shield Duty!
A dawi and his shield stand firm! Shelter behind me!
Shield's up. Feet are planted. Now let's crush them!
Found right directions Up we go!
This looks like the way down.
This is the path!
This is the path, dawri.
Stay close to me. I see the path.
Keep going! Here!
Come on! Over here!
I think it's this way.
Here. This looks like the door.
Right doorway? Yes?
Come on then!
Follow me.
Keep going, drengbarazi! Almost there!
Over this way drengbarazi!
Climb the ladder, drengbarazi!
Keep moving, dawri!
Down we go, dawri. Heh.
Being alone That's right, leave the Dwarf behind...
Valaya's Lantern! Where have they gone?
No discipline. Pootling off without warning.
Now where have they gone?
Not fighting for a long time Bit quiet, don't you think?
They're still out there, I'll bet my favourite axe that they are.
Being hit I'm a dawi! You'll have to do more than that!
Drengbarazi... I'm a bit... banged up.
Ough! Good hit, I suppose.
Corner a dawi, will you?
Boga! Through my armour!
It hurts...
I'm not done yet...
I am a mountain! I feel... ow!... nothing.
So, that's it?
I can't take much more.
All you got? Ough! Really?
That tickled!
Low on health (under 25%) I've strength yet... Ow!
While I stand, I fight!
I can yet kill...
I'm... No...
Not yet... Not yet...
Down Don't leave me down here!
Someone help me up!
I could use a hand, drengbarazi.
Help... me...
Ally down (Victor) The hunter's down!
Waiting for rescue *growl* That tickled!
Takes more... ow!... than that to stop a dawi!
Can't face a dawi, eh?
Oi! That one hurt...
Not advancing Grimnir's Fury! This is no time to slow down.
Come on, dawri!

Call-Outs[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Tagging Ammunition Ammunition, dawri!
Ammunition! Thank Valaya.
Ammunition! Fill your pouches.
Morgrim smiles on us, ammunition!
Ammunition here!
More ammunition here.
I smell some ammunition.
Do I spy an ammunition stash?
Box of ammunition, over here!
Oho! Ammunition!
Ammunition! Thank Valaya.
Dawri? Looks like we've found ammunition.
Tagging Potions Manling potion!
There's a potion!
It's not Bugman's, I'll tell you that.
Grab that potion, dawri.
Potion, over here!
Potion here, I can't vouch for the taste.
Good brew or not, that potion'll be useful.
Tagging Medical Supplies Healing draught!
Medical supplies, at last.
Healing tools, if you're feeling weak drengbarazi!
Grab your bandages, dawri.
Look, healing draught.
Healing draught, over here!
Fancy a healing draught?
Never turn down healer's tools.
Grab those bandages, dawri.
Tagging Bombs You can never have too many bombs.
Ohh, a bomb, that'll wreak some carnage!
That bomb's mine! Or it should be, anyway...
No sense leaving that bomb behind.
Don't waste that bomb!
Here, have a bomb!
A little black powder goes a long way.

Mission-Specific[edit | edit source]

Mission Trigger Quote Audio
Righteous Stand In front of the arena Cracked like an egg. Manling defences aren't worth a wazzok's skrat.
Proper fight went down here, dawri.
Nearing the temple One last effort, then we're inside.
In the temple Ready yourselves, dawri. This'll be a battle worthy of song!
Now, a proper temple'd be in the heart of a moutain.
Surviving the last stage Oho, door's gone! I reckon that's old Sigmar telling us we're done.
Convocation of Decay Start of the stage Lohner's not a bad sort. Sees more than he admits, I reckon.
Blood trail at the start Drengbarazi? Don't need to be much of a tracker to follow that ooze, do I?
Now that's repulsive... Wonder if it'll lead us to something worse?
In the Book Repository The darkest of magics. The madness of the chosen. Good job we're here, dawri. Not sure anyone else could stand 'gainst this lot.
Finding the opened cells What sort of a cure is a cage? It's no wonder madness is rampant.
Seems our path leads into the sewers.
Entering the sewers Who built this umgak thing? One good rain, and we'd be drowning in muck.
Reaching the North Maintenance Shaft Clumsy scribblers, these northlanders.
See, dawri? That rune means we're getting closer.
Finding the switches One of these switches must open the door.
Pressing the right switch Nicely done, dawri. How about the next?
Oho! That did it.
Pressing the wrong switch Aye... Maybe a different one?
Door's still closed, and we've a fight into the bargain!
Boga! Must be another switch.
Switch doors all open That's the door. Let's not dawdle. We've business to settle.
Before going down the cesspit The air's filthy down here, and muck pulses like it's alive. Where have you brought me to?
Reaching the bridge to the Ritual Site D'you hear that? A wizard's chant, I reckon.
Reaching the Ritual Site I've seen this. It's a summoning ritual!
Entering the Ritual Circle (laugh) A dawi and his drengbarazi is enough to disrupt the ritual!
First Ritual Sorcerer dying Oi, dawri! The sorcerers are dying. Guess their magic's hungry.
Second Ritual Sorcerer dying Another one down. Almost there.
Hunger in the Dark Start of the stage (Rarely) When Kerillian insults him for not withstanding the cold weather.
Kerillian: Is this really necessary? Only fun so far is seeing you mayflies shiver in cold.
Bardin:    Are you still complaining about the weather?
Kerillian: Well, the world has enough horrors. Let's stop more from being created down below.
Reaching the Dinner Bell That's it! Now ring the dinner bell!
Athel Yenlui
The Screaming Bell Smashing raki bells? You'd think they'd be more creative...
Start of the stage Better pick up your boots, dawri. We've a long way to go.
Milizengrube Nasty, cramped little dwellings. The manling poor give the word a new meaning.
Manlings lived down here? I wouldn't stable a goat.
In von Bisschenbesser Strasse Boga! It's sill a mile off!
In Gebhard Strasse These dwellings are better, dawri. But still not a good use of stone.
Erinnerung Steps Stairs? If you manlings had any sense, there'd be a lifting platform here.
Reaching the Screaming Bell Who said we'd never get here? Well shame on you. You're buying the ale tonight.
We're here. Let's do some damage, drengbarazi!
Screaming Bell summoning horde Aye, that bell chiming means hordes aplenty, dawri.
Ow, bell's gone crazy. I'd hoped it'd be one of the sleepy ones. Like the one in Ubersreik.
The bell's making these raki less cowardly, dawri. Can't decide if that's good or bad.
That bell's alive, dawri. Bad news now, good news when we crack it.
That lousy bell's making the raki furious. Hah! It's starting to get to me too!
Oi! They got that bell working. And it's no ordinary one.
Bell falling Hoho! When it ends like that, dawri, it ends well!
Just after the Bell fell Good riddance to filthy raki umgak! And good hunting to you, dawri! Fresh round of prickly raki to kill!
There it goes! Now just to deal with the upset vermin, dawri.
Fort Brachsenbrücke
Into the Nest Nearing the Duraz Stromez bridge Come on! You need to reach this bridge!
Against the Grain
Empire in Flames I never got to try their red cheese...
Shame about these Manling streets. It wasn't much, but it was home to some.
The War Camp During the level Tentacles, vomit and madmen, it's enough to make an honest Dwarf wish he'd stayed home. Ah well.
In the Froschdorf Trail Did I ever tell you about that time Okri and I were trapped in a ravine like this?
Ram near the gates They'll sing about us for this, dawri. Win or lose.
Start of Bödvarr fight Now you're talking like a dawi! WEAPONS UP, KAZAKI'DUM! (laugh)
Start of Bödvarr fight (as Slayer) At last! This might be it! A champion could be a worthy death!
Bödvarr throwing axe Look out, that axe got a mind of its own it seems!
Bödvarr summoning troops Haha, he's realised he's out of depth, dawri! Needs more dumi to fight us!
Defeating Bödvarr And stay down! No one bests this dawi!
The Skittergate Approaching the first lift Going down, drengbarazi?
Riding the first lift Boga! Still takes my breath away, seeing what the raki have done.
Approaching the Skittergate Ready to settle that gate, dawri?
Entering the Skittergate Um, anyone else having second thoughts, drengbarazi?
Exiting the Skittergate My beard's bristling something fierce. Raki magic doesn't agree with it.
Seeing the main Rotbloods' camp Looks like the Rotbloods we've fought were barely a pebble in the scree, dawri. Better find that back way in.
Entering Nagvik (the frozen cascade) There's our back door, dawi. Just like Lohner said.
Approaching the locked lift Off we pootle, dawri. We've a gatekeeper to relieve of this umgak rod-key. Or was it a Keystaff?
The Blightreaper Entering the high temple library So, where's this kruting runesword?
Boga! Could use a touch of cleaning in here.
Pushing the first switch Let's get the rest done, dawri.
Unlocking the Blightreaper door Oi! Who's been messing with this thing? You can't just reshape runes. They get resentful...
A Quiet Drink Approaching the first tavern Now remember to treat Helga with respect. She's a drengbaraz too - one of us!
Any mission Finding the right path This is the path.
Valaya guide my steps. I think it's this way.
Through here!
Here! It's here!
Going to the Bridge of Shadows Where's that portal? I do hope there's a portal.
Oho! Looks like Olesya wants us home.
Finding stairs These stairs go up!
These stairs go down!
These stairs go downwards.
These steps go downwards.
Stairs going down, right here.
Bad path Dead end, definitely.

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Enemy Eliminated Quote Audio
Plague Monk
Sack-rat Looter's dead. Check the sack.
Chaos Warrior Shoddy armor, these kazaki'dum, just like I told you!
The Kazaki'dum falls!
Oho! Not so formidable now, is he?
One Kazaki'dum fewer!
Take that, armoured kruti!
What's the matter, Kazaki'dum? Can't get up?
Ratling Gunner No more shooting for that Ratling!
Ratling's gone. Hah!
Ratling's dead. Daft wazzok.
The Ratling Gunner died!
Gutter Runner The only good thagi is a dead thagi.
Thagi's dead. You're welcome.
One less Assassin to worry about.
We got the Assassin!
Assassin rat's dead!
Sneaky raki dead and done!
Good thagi's a dead thagi.
Poison Wind Globadier Gas rat's dead!
Globadier's dead and gone.
Gas-rat? Not any longer.
Warpfire Thrower That's it zharr'dum, flicker and fade...
Nicely done, dawri. The Zharrdum won't bother us now.
Grimnir's beard, the Rakizharr's down.
Valaya's Blessings, I'm glad that fire-rat's dead!
The Warpfire Thrower's dead!
Ha! One less Rakizharr!
The fire's out. Thought I'd lose my beard for a moment there.
That's the way, Zharrdum! Flicker and fade! We'll not miss you!
Die fire-rat! That one's for Karak Eight Peaks!
Packmaster Packmaster's done!
We got the Strangler!
That Packmaster's done for.
Hook-rat's dead!
Packmaster done!
Lifeleecher Lifeleech ended!
Hah! Leech is dead!
We killed the Leech, dawri!
Blightstormer No more storm sorcering from that one!
Good one, dawri. Blightstormer's dead!
That Zilazdumi won't be a problem now.
Hah! The Blightstormer's done!
Rat Ogre That's fine axe-work, even if I do say so myself!
Rat Ogre's down! The elf dealt the finishing strike.
Sienna Fuegonasus: Good kill, Goreksson. Look at that beast fall!

Bardin Goreksson: Haha, It reminds me of the one who fell on you. Zharrinn!

Sienna Fuegonasus: Please Bardin. I'm sorry your trousers caught fire while you dragged me out.

Spawn of Chaos
Bile Troll Keep killing yon trolls, and we'll make true drengbarazi of you!

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Character Interactions[edit | edit source]

See also : Character Conversations

Hero Quote Audio
Sienna Fuegonassus How much did you drink before we left, Dwarf?
Bardin Goreksson I don't see what concern that is of yours, Zharrin.
Sienna Fuegonassus Well, when my every conjuration almost sets your breath alight, then it is my concern.
Bardin Goreksson Ahh! Good point, Zharrin! I shall endeavor not to exhale!
Hero Quote Audio
Bardin Goreksson I admire your dedication, Saltzpyre, if not your manner.
Saltzpyre I don't seek your approval, Dwarf. Duty is its own reward.
Bardin Goreksson Aye, but it makes for a lonely road without comrades, Grimgi.
Hero Quote Audio
Bardin Goreksson Have a care, Wutelgi. I had ancestors die at Pine Crags.
Kerillian Oh, really? During the ambush, or when the dwarfs threw down their weapons and begged for mercy?
Bardin Goreksson That's it! Put up your blade, wazzok!
Sienna Fuegonassus Enough! Both of you!

Hero Quote Audio
Praising ally Can't fault your vigor, dawri!
Stop showing off! You'll never be as good as Okri!
Show that wazzok what it means to mess with us!
A fine blow! You've learnt something from me after all!
Plenty to do yet, drengbarazi!
Ah, you're getting the knack of this, dawri!
A grand strike, dawri.
Kill him quicker next time, would you?
Oho! A mighty blow!
Good strike, dawri! Now let's have another!
You might just be good at this, dawri!
Praising Markus Haha! You fight like a dwarf, Azumgi!
Praising Kerillian Oi! Kerillian's going the extra mile today! A mile littered with corpses.
Look, the elf's trying to prove something! She's butchering more than usual.
There she goes, our skinny little waif of a killing-machine.
Praising Victor You've a good arm, Grimgi, and fire in your belly.
Praising Sienna I love watching you work, Zharrinn!
Receiving Friendly Fire (Kerillian) Wutelgi! Shoot the enemy! Not me!
Waywatcher! If you hit me once more...
I've known goblin shoot straighter, elf!
Oi! Wutelgi! Stop shooting me!
That's a keen eye you've got there, Wutelgi!
Are you aiming for me, elf?
Showing your true colours, elf?
Receiving Friendly Fire (Kruber) Will you stop shooting me?
Kruber! That hit me!
Shoot straight, Azumgi!
I look better without holes, Kruber!
Grungni's tongs, you're shooting me, Kruber!
If you can't shoot straight, Azumgi, then don't shoot at all!
Shoot straight, Azumgi!
No more, Sergeant! Please!
Ow! I'll take that weapon off you, Kruber!
Receiving Friendly Fire (Saltzpyre) Are we not on the same side, hunter?
Why are you shooting me, Grimgi?
Have I wronged you, Grimgi? Shoot them, not me!
Use that eye of yours better, Grimgi!
I shoot better with both eyes closed, Saltzpyre.
Grimgi! Open your good eye when you shoot!
Doesn't Sigmar say don't shoot the dwarf, Grimgi?
Can you not tell me from them, Grimgi?
Receiving Friendly Fire (Sienna) You know better than that, Zharrinn!
We'll fall out if you burn off my beard, Zharrinn.
Oi! Zharrinn! Save your flames for the foe!
I don't enjoy being broiled, wizard!
Check where you cast, wizard!
Stop that, Zharrinn!
Zharrinn! Watch your aim!
Ally being hit (Sienna) Parry, Zharrinn!
Ally hitting armour You're only scratching him. Go for the head!
Ally hitting armour (Kerillian) Are you blind, Wutelgi! Go for the head!
Ally hitting armour (Victor) Aim for the head Grimgi, you wazzock!
Ally hitting armour (Sienna) The head, Zharrinn! That cheats the armour.
Ally low HP (Markus) Tend your wounds, Azumgi. Can't fight if you're dead.
Ally low HP (Victor) Rest up, Grimgi. Regather your strength.
This wound needs binding, Grimgi.
Ally down (Kerillian) The Elf's horizontal.
That's the trouble with elves. Can't hold their liquor.
Ally dying (Kruber) Kruber's gone!
Reviving ally (Kruber) Surely you've a little more to give, Azumgi?

Enemy Interactions [edit | edit source]

Enemy Trigger Quote Audio
Horde Spawning We've been ambushed!
So many! Let's drive them back!
More of 'em coming. Let's teach 'em some manners.
Come on! I've a message from Okri for you!
Boga! It's an ambush!
Stand fast, dawri!
What a sight! Don't they know they're doomed?
Time for carnage, drengbarazi!
Valaya's Helm! It's a tide of them!
Plague Monk In vicinity Hold your breath dawri! Plague Monks!
Watch out, Pestilens!
We've got Plague Monks, dawri!
Dawri! We've found ourselves a few Plague Monks!
They've sent Plague Monks for us!
Plague fanatics!
Plague Worshippers!
Hear that wheezing and buzzing? Plague Raki.
Plague Raki approaching!
Plague Raki!
I hear plague raki.
Plague raki coming to say hello. Are we ready?
Stormvermin Tagging That blackrat's mine!
I see a blackfur!
Grimnir's Bones! Another blackfur!
Blackrat! Kill that skruff!
Leave the blackrat to me!
Raki blackfur!
Look - one of them blackrats!
Thaggoraki blackfur ahead!
Grungni's mattock! A blackfur!
Blackrat? Kill the wazzok!
In vicinity Stormvermin!
Chaos Warrior In vicinity Did you hear that? A stomping great clad kazaki!
Listen up, that's a Kazaki'dum.
There's a Chaos Warrior nearby.
By my father's axe! It's a Chaos Warrior!
Kazaki'dum, dawri!
Valaya's dainty ears, I hear a Chaos Warrior.
Chaos Warrior! He's a groz one!
There! Klad Kazaki!
Oh, so it's kazaki'dum now is it?!
Grungni's beard! A Chaos Warrior!
Ready yourselves, Drengbarazi! Chaos Warrior!
Chaos Warrior!
It's a damn Kazaki'dum, that's what it is!
Kazaki'dum! And armoured, at that!
Hear, Chaos Warriors.
Ratling Gunner In vicinity Did you hear that? Tortured cogwork.
Raki gunner!
Krunk! A Raki gunner!
Ratling Gunner's close by. Stand ready, dawri.
Ratling Gun? We can take him.
Ratling Gun! Heads down or fast feet, dawri!
Foolish to face it head-on.
Is that a Ratling Gun? Just our luck.
Ratling gun!
Tagging A Raki gunner!
A craftsman needs only one shot, raki!
Couldn't hit the side of a mountain!
Get around it! Don't face it head on!
A ratling gun. I've lost kin to those things.
Pre-attack Kruk! That Ratling's about to fire!
Firing Ratling's firing! Seek cover!
It's firing! Get clear!
Keep moving! Duck and weave, dawri!
Keep going, raki. You might hit something!
Out of its sight, dawri! Move!
Give the gunners a moving target!
Think we annoyed him, dawri.
Gutter Runner In vicinity There's movement in the shadows.
Backstabber's closing in.
Raki assassin! Closing fast!
I hear a backstabber. He's close.
Gutter Runner!
Here, assassin, I'm ready for you!
Raki Assassin!
Assassin! Dawri! Assassin!
You hear that scamper? Backstabber, I'll warrant.
Come now, assassin! Face a dawi!
Oho! We've an assassin close by.
Thagi! Over there! Kill the wazzok!
Tagging Thagi, kill it now!
Thagi! Kill that runner!
There! Assassin. Give the wazzok a kicking!
Being pinned Get this kruting thagi off me!
I... can't... get... free...
Get this kruting raki off me!
Get of me, thagi!
Poison Wind Globadier In vicinity There's a globadier nearby...
Grungni's mattock! A globadier!
Gas-raki. Can't you hear the rasp of his lungs?
Kruk! A gas-rat!
Gas-rat somewhere!
Dawri, a globadier comes.
Globadier, I hear it!
Globadier, dawri, I sense it.
Gas-rat, about to show!
That gas-rat need to die!
Tagging Valaya's Helm, a globadier!
Throwing gas Gas, the gas!
Look out! Gas!
Gas! Did you not hear me?
Someone kill that globadier!
Move! Gas!
Grimnir's Beard! Gas!
The gas! The gas!
Gas! Hold your breath!
Don't stay in the gas!
Gas bomb!
Out of that mess! Now!
Pick up your feet! Move!
Kill that gas-rat!
That's poison, I'll warrant.
About to commit suicide Don't stand there, wazzock! It's going to explode!
Run, wazzoks! It's going to explode!
Warpfire Thrower In vicinity I hear a Warpfire Thrower...
You want to cook outside-in, dawri? No? Kill that bloody Rakizharr!
A Warpfire Thrower! Kill the kruti before it fires!
I've seen scores die in a single burst of zharrdum. Kill that fire-rat!
Hush... A Rakizharr...
Grimnir's Teeth! Rakizharr!
Kill the fire-rat, drengbarazi, while you still can!
Don't let that Rakizharr know we're here...
Sweet Grungni's lode, a Rakizharr!
Boga! A Warpfire Thrower!
Warpfire Thrower!
Kill that fire-rat!
Listen, Warpfire Thrower...
That Rakizharr needs to die, and quickly!
That's no natural flame! It's a Rakizharr!
Tagging Krut, that's a Warpfire Thrower!
Valaya protect us - that's a bloody Rakizharr!
Packmaster In vicinity Ha! Test your hook against my axe, would you?
Someone kill that kruting strangler!
Watch out! Hook-rat!
The Strangler dies. Now!
Strangler needs to die, dawri.
It's a strangler! Don't let it grab you.
Tagging Hook rat!
Smash that toy, kill the strangler!
Lifeleecher In vicinity Leech! Watch out!
Guzdumi. Soul drinking wazzock.
Lifeleech! Eyes open!
You hear that Lifeleech, dawri?
Guzdumi. And it's a thirsty one.
That's a Guzdumi, dawri.
Leech Sorcerer! Guzdumi!
Tagging He'll drain your life!
Blightstormer In vicinity I'll show that wazzok some winds... from my arse.
A Blightstormer, that is.
Hush. Hush! There's a Blightstormer somewhere near.
A Zilazdumi? This is about to get messy!
Zilazdumi! Blightstormer!
A watchful eye, dawri. Otherwise a storm of pus and bone will sweep you up.
I see a Zilazdumi over there! A stormweaver!
Casting a storm Someone kill that bloody Zilazdumi!
Grimnir's skull! We need to kill the Sorcerer!
Kill the kruting Blightstormer before he kills us!
Where's the Zilazdumi? The wind obeys him.
Kill the Sorcerer, unless you like wading through bone-strewn dung!
Rat Ogre Spawning Rakogri!
A rakogri!
Fighting Come on then, rakogri! Come on!
Rat Ogre! Aye! Rat Ogre!
What a brute! Hack it to pieces!
They have a rakogri!
Rat ogre! We'll slaughter the brute!
Stormfiend Spawning A Stormfiend? I'll leave this one to you, dawri.
Tagging See that armoured Rakogri? It's all yours, Drengbarazi!
Look out! Dronrakogri!
Killing The beast's down. Okri couldn't have done the job better!
Spawn of Chaos Fighting Work together aganst that Spawn, drengbarazi.
Bile Troll

Item Interactions[edit | edit source]

Item Quote Audio
Bomb Bomb out! Don't linger!
Ong, tuk, dwe, boom!
I'm throwing a bomb!
Firebomb Have a morsel of flame!
Potion Ah, that's better. That itch has been niggling me something fierce.
Vile taste, needs hops!
A bit tangy for my taste...
Hang on, dawri. I'll give this potion a go.
Work, you stinking brew. Work!
Gah! What's in this?
Hold up, I'm drinking!
Well, let's hope this works.
Medical Supplies It's only a scratch. Soon have it patched up.
There's enough here to bind me head to foot!
Hang about. Let me stitch my leg back on.
Good for binding wounds, that.
Right. How do I tie this bandage off?

Unknown[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio