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These usable items are held in the fifth item slot and can be accessed through pressing [5] or via mouse-wheel.

When a bomb is equipped, a player can use left-click to light it. After this, the bomb can be held indefinitely until thrown by releasing the left mouse button. Alternatively, the bomb can be extinguished by pressing the right mouse button.

Image Type of bomb Effect Give?
Item-Bomb-Explosive.png Bomb When lit and thrown it explodes in a haze of smoke, dealing armor-piercing damage and staggering enemies. Best used against bosses or armored groups. Y
Item-Bomb-Incendiary.png Incendiary Bomb When lit and thrown it explodes and creates a large area of flames dealing damage over time. Best used to deal with large and non-armored groups. Y

Traits affecting bombs[edit | edit source]

Traits found on trinkets are associated with bombs.

Image Name Description
Trinket trait explosive ordnance.png Explosive ordnance Increases grenade explosion radius by 50.0%.
Trinket trait grenadier.png Grenadier 25.0% chance to not consume grenade on use.
Trinket trait shrapnel.png Shrapnel Grenades cause hit enemies to take 20.0% increased damage for 10.0 seconds.