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Charms are an equipable jewellery worn by all heroes and careers.

Like all jewelry, Charms can be crafted at the Forge using Scrap and a Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit. Charms do not have an in-game model.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Charms provide bonuses to offensive stats with their properties, and bonuses to potions with their traits.

For properties, Attack Speeds is the best general property to take as it provides a boost to DPS and can make staggering enemies in time easier. Crit Power generally performs poorly and should not be taken unless the player is boosting critical chance as well. Because of the larger health pool of most Chaos enemies, it is generally advisable to take Power vs. Chaos as second, otherwise Power vs. Infantry might prove useful to meet certain breakpoints.

For traits, Concoction is the most powerful trait for a burst effect, granting speed, strength, and ability regeneration for a short time. Proxy is a support effect which should be taken if playing with a clear team build and communication. Of the remaining two, Decanter is a more reliable choice as Home Brewer (chance to duplicate a potion) is less reliable than having a longer lasting effect.

Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Attack Speed (+3-5%)
  • Crit Power (+10-20%)
  • Power vs. (5-10%)1

1 Skaven, Chaos, Monsters, Infantry, Berserkers, or Armoured

Traits[edit | edit source]

Traits found on charms affect potions.

Image Name Description

Concoction icon.png

Concoction Drinking a potion grants the effect of all other potions. Duration reduced by 50%.
Charm trait decanter.png Decanter Increased duration of potions by 50%.
Charm trait home brewer.png Home Brewer 25.0% chance to not consume potion on use.
Charm trait proxy.png Proxy Consuming a potion spread the effect to the nearest ally.

Charm Variety[edit | edit source]

Name Flavor Text
Blackmantle Signet A mysterious design, said to be the identifying sigil of the Emperor's Eyes - a secret militia, tasked with keeping order in times of strife.
Count's Ring A heavy golden ring, sure to lend weight to a striking fist. Was it lost, or stolen by some light-fingered rogue?
Jeweller's Charm Simple jewellery used as a template for new equipment. Offers a small bonus in battle.
Knight's Ring This ring shows signs of many careful repairs, only to be marred in fresh battles.
Marshal's Ring This heirloom has changed hands many times. What tales of war would it tell, if it could but speak?
Myrmidia's Seal The token of a foreign goddess, brought back to the Empire by a band of crusading knights.
Reikland Stonecrest Theoretically a token granted to the foremost defenders of the Reikland, rings of this kind too often repay favours offered to the Elector Count.
Seneschal's Ring A polished and well-crafted ring, as might be given to a loyal servant or companion.
Sigmarite Penance Ring The plain cross shows that the bearer has much for which to atone, through battle or self-flagellation.
Squire's Ring Battered ring of a lowly squire. A weld join shows were [sic] it has been resized to fit a scrawny finger.
Ulrican Penance Ring A gemless ring, indicating that the bearer has strayed from the Winter God's edicts.