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The Clanrat is a type of Skaven Infantry.

Clanrats wield a number of different single-handed weapons, like rusty swords and clubs. Some Clanrats carry wooden shields in addition to their hand weapon. These enemies are statistically similar to ordinary Clanrats, but they are able to block attacks.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Clanrat forms the mainstay of the Skaven army, a man-shaped mass of filthy matted fur, and weeping lesions topped with glowing red eyes and chisel-teeth. They are the embodiment of debasement, the nobility of mankind stripped bare, leaving only base appetite and cunning.

Armed with scavenged weapons and clad in rusting, patchwork armour, lone Clanrats are little threat to a seasoned warrior. Even small groups can be overcome if hearts remain stout and purpose undaunted, for they lack the discipline for shieldwalls or similar defences. Clanrats’ true strength lies in overwhelming numbers, in a tide of shrieking, stabbing vermin given courage by the verminous press of bodies. They scurry from hidden tunnels and concealing shadows, fighting with desperate ferocity until their ranks are broken, and their courage fails alongside.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Clanrats are often startled when spotting the Heroes, beckoning and responding verbally. This leaves them open to an initial attack.

Shielded[edit | edit source]

  • Unless your weapon is shield breaking (see below), it is better to push them while they are blocking. Two pushes should be enough to stagger them, which makes them lower their shield and opens them up to attacks.
  • Weapons with the Shield Breaking characteristic will knock away their shield easily or break it entirely, making them a good choice for dealing with shielded Clanrats. Clanrat shields are the weakest in the game; one charged attack is often enough to break them.
  • Shielded Clanrats can make hordes deadly, as their shields can stop your weapon halfway in its track, meaning you won't be hitting as many enemies as you normally would. Focus on taking out shielded Clanrats so you can continue cleaving the horde afterwards.
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