Convocation of Decay

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Convocation of Decay
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Main Mission
Act 1
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"Helmgart's lost folks, but we still have our little ways of keeping eyes and ears down there, and something's going on at the Shallyan Hospice. Whole thing reeks of chaos magic... go and deal with it, would you? Things are bad enough already." Franz Lohner

"Listen up, I'm hearing that the hospice of the Shining Sacrament has received unwelcome attention. Chaos Sorcerers, and maybe something worse. There's something extraordinary wicked in the works, so get down there and put a stop to it." Franz Lohner

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The heroes are sent to the Shallyan Hospice in Helmgart to investigate Chaos magic around that area. They make their way through the desecrated hospice and find a tunnel leading into the sewers of Helmgart. From here, they follow a trail of blood and corpses to the town's cesspit and a connected cavesystem. Here they locate a cabal of Chaos sorcerers, and interrupt their ritual to summon a Chaos demon.

Sewers Event[edit | edit source]

In the Northern Maintenance Shaft, at the bottom of the elevator, you will find a number of gates on two different levels and suspicious bricks on the lower floor. Three subsequent gates upstairs needs to be opened, with the symbol on the gate corresponding to the brick that opens them. Every time a brick is pressed a small horde spawns. To proceed with the mission, press the bricks in the right order to open the three gates. However, pressing the wrong bricks opens up additional gates on the bottom floor, which lets additional enemies in. A grimoire can be found during this event, check the book tab for a guide. For a fast strategy, check the strategy tab for hints.

Finale[edit | edit source]

The heroes enter a cave containing a central plateau with several pillars and walkways leading up to them. Three Chaos sorcerers are standing on the pillars and casting a ritual to summon a Chaos demon. The players must stay on the plateau around the pond of poison to disrupt the ritual, which will kill the sorcerers one by one. Don't step in the poison as this will damage you and drain your stamina, stay on the outskirts. Once the plateau is entered enemies will spawn (including Elites & Specials, survive until all sorcerers are dead and the ritual fails. Afterwards the heroes can escape through a Bridge of Shadows.

Post-Mission[edit | edit source]

After completing Convocation of Decay, Oleysa will say the following.

"Ah. You return, with the summoning thwarted and both health and dignity intact! I can live with that. Nurgle Daemons on the loose however... ahhh. No. So, I suppose you did well. Now, after the scuffle, some friends of mine had a look around the summoning site and found proof that a secret Nurgle cult was active in Helmgart prior to the invasion. 'The Society of Harmonious Growth and Splendour.' Bah- These cults worshiping the dark gods always have the most pretentious names, don't they? Anyway, the cult was receiving orders from an old acquaintance, at least by name. Halescourge. Burblespue Halescourge. Ring any bells? Well, no matter the state of your memory, he is a Rotblood Sorcerer Lord and currently in command of the northlander forces around Helmgart. So there you have it." Oleysa

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