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As you level up each hero you'll learn recipes to craft their Equipment.

Crafting an item costs 10 scrap, and the results are mostly random. The power of a crafted item is determined by the highway power the player has seen in that slot, +/-10. For example if you've seen a charm that was 150 power the next charm you craft or loot will be between 140 and 160 power.

To craft a specific type of Equipment requires additional materials. The Power of an item is based on your level when it is crafted.

You can use the crafting tab to do the following:

Salvage Items[edit | edit source]

Salvaging allows a player to destroy items in exchange for materials.

This can be done on up to 9 items at once.

Only items that are not equipped in any Hero or Career can be salvaged.

All items grant scrap, and higher rarity items grant shards corresponding to the rarity.

Craft Item[edit | edit source]

Crafts an item with materials to receive a new item of random rarity (except Red). It costs 10 Scrap and either a Salvaged Weapon Part or Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit depending on the item crafted. The resulting power of the item is based on the average item power previously aquired for the player including all Heroes and Careers.

See also Crafting Costs

Re-Roll Equipment Properties[edit | edit source]

Randomly chooses new properties with new percentages for an item. Costs 1 Jade Dust and 1 Celestial Dust. This will have no impact on the weapon's Power or any traits.

Re-Roll Equipment Trait[edit | edit source]

Randomly chooses a trait (including the same already applied) for an orange/red item. Costs 1 Amber Dust. This will have no impact on any properties associated with the weapon, or the weapon's Power.

Upgrade Item[edit | edit source]

Upgrades an item's rarity, adding an additional Property. In the case of Blue to Orange upgrades, a random Trait is added to the new Orange item. Existing Properties are changed, qualitatively and quantitatively. Cannot Upgrade to Red.

Rarity Next Level Material Cost
White Green 20 Scrap
Green Blue 30 Scrap
Blue Orange 50 Scrap

This has no effect on the item's power.

Apply Weapon Illusion[edit | edit source]

Apply an extracted Weapon skin to a weapon of the same type.

Applying the skin costs 10 Scrap

Crafting Costs[edit | edit source]

Action Requires Output
Craft Random Item 10 Scrap Item with a random rarity
Craft Weapon 10 Scrap, 1 Salvaged Weapon Part Weapon with a random rarity and power of the blueprints type
Craft Trinket/Necklace/Charm 10 Scrap, 1 Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit Trinket/Necklace/Charm with a random rarity and Power of the blueprints type
Re-roll Equipment Properties Any item, 1 Jade Dust, 1 Celestial Dust Same item with different properties
Re-roll Equipment Trait Any Orange or Red item, 1 Amber Dust Same item with different Trait
Upgrade Common Item Common rarity item, 10 Scrap Green rarity item with same Power
Upgrade Green Item Green rarity item, 30 Scrap Blue rarity item with same Power
Upgrade Blue Item Blue rarity item, 50 Scrap Orange rarity item with same Power
Upgrade Orange Item Orange rarity item, 5 Bright Dust Red rarity item with max Power
Apply Illusion 10 Scrap, Illusion item, Weapon of the illusion's type same weapon with the Illusion applied
Convert Celestial Dust 10 Celestial Dust 10 Jade Dust
Convert Amber Dust 10 Amber Dust 10 Celestial Dust

Materials list[edit | edit source]


Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit

Salvaged Weapon Part

Jade Dust

Celestial Dust

Amber Dust

Bright Dust

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