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Each attack has a critical hit chance. Achieving a critical hit will cause extra damage.

By default, all characters have a base critical hit chance of 5%. Factors that affect critical hit chance are: the type of weapon, the bonus gained from the "Crit Chance" item property, certain hero passive abilities as well as career talents.

Kerillian's dual-weapons, such as Dual Daggers, Dual Swords, and Sword and Dagger have an extra 10% critical hit chance on light attacks as well as push attacks, but do not have increased critical chance on charged attacks.

Bardin's Crossbow and Saltzpyre's Crossbow give 10% increased critical hit chance when aimed down (holding RMB/left trigger).

The bonus damage depends on the weapon[1] and the bonus gained from the "Crit Power" item property.

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