Dodge Dancing

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Dodge-dancing is the process of continuously attacking enemies while using dodging from side to side rather than blocking to avoid incoming damage. This allows a player to maximize damage output, since no damage can be dealt while holding block. Since frequent dodging is a key part of this, it is important that a dedicated dodge key is used, rather than the default dodge/jump keybinding.

At its most fundamental level, dodge dancing is about seeing enemy attacks coming, and dodging away just before they hit. This requires a knowledge of enemy attack animations, practice with how fast/far dodges go, and an understanding of Effective Dodge Count.

Dodge-Dancing Variants[edit | edit source]

Jousting[edit | edit source]

A player moves forwards, attacks, then dodges backwards to avoid enemy attacks. Commonly used with weapons that have slow attacks, and when Cornering Up.

Circle Strafing[edit | edit source]

A player keeps dodging in the same direction, while keeping enemies in front, effectively traveling in a circle where the enemies are in the center. This is a fairly easy way to dodge dance, though with a significant risk of getting separated from your team. This requires significant open space to move, and is often used when trying to re-position to a safer location.

Side to Side[edit | edit source]

A player does 1-2 attacks, then dodges laterally, then repeats, dodging back to where they started. This keeps a player from moving far, so a player is less likely to get separated from the team in the process. It is also suitable for Cornering Up. If dodges are performed too quickly, there is a chance that a player may dodge back into a rats attack. As a result, this method requires good understanding of enemy attack timings.

Keybindings[edit | edit source]

If you accidentally jump instead of dodging, you will take damage. To avoid this, it is important that a dedicated dodge key is used, rather than the default dodge/jump keybinding.