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by u/msde

Our group has been poking at the beta, and learning the combat is reasonably well understood, but everyone keeps debating how to optimize the chests. With the goal of getting item drops to 300 as quickly as possible, these are the two approaches I recommend:

Simple Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Open everything on your highest level hero immediately
  • Salvage what you won't use.
  • Prioritize getting one hero to ~10 over all heroes to 4 to maximize salvage.
  • At the beginning and/or end of the play session, figure out which slots have the lowest "max power seen" and craft one or two of each, lowest first.
  • If you want a weapon on your alt, craft it to avoid losing out on salvage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Open all chests on the highest level character you have to maximize salvage.
  • If average "max power seen" is over 100 in all slots, recruit chests can all be opened immediately. Same for 200 and Veteran.
  • Salvage anything you can't use to fuel your crafting.
  • If "max power seen" is more than a few points behind on a slot compared to the others, craft one of that item.
    • If this is the melee or ranged weapon slot, now is the time to get your alt a new weapon. They're alts, they don't need a good weapon of every type. They just need one not-terrible weapon until you unlock all the templates at level 12ish.
    • What a few points means depends on how often you get a chest you can open for progression, and how often you're just getting one to salvage. I mostly get progression chests, and my rule of thumb is ~10 points behind the top slot's "max power seen".
  • If "max power seen" is pretty even across the board, open chests until they aren't.
  • Keep the highest power item you've ever seen for each slot, so it's easy to remember "max power seen". You'll still have to remember which hero has the biggest melee and ranged weapon, but it helps.
  • Should I save the commendation/champion chests until max power hits 200?
    • If you can farm Champion, just open everything. I'm currently playing with a group that varies wildly in level, so I still run a decent amount of recruit and veteran.
    • The two main arguments are that reds (exotics) weren't dropping in the beta, and more rapid progression from 200->300. The first no longer applies, and I feel like I'm grinding to 200 at a reasonable pace, so I can afford to stockpile these for an immediate jump once I hit 200, instead of relying solely on crafting and the group's ability to handle champion. I also opened the first few I ever got, and would do it again to get my max power seen closer to 50 than 5.
  • Should I save general's and emperor's chests? Meh. Your main should hit level 10 before you have more than a few of these. Save them if your gear looks balanced I guess, but it's not a big deal.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Hero power is based on character level and the average power of the 5 items equipped. More hero power good.
  • The fastest way to advance power to 100 is to finish recruit missions quickly, which is the opposite of VT1. Grims and tomes aren't a huge deal, raising the amount of salvage by raising item rarity, and a 100 power orange item is only marginally helpful.
  • Power of a chest drop is based on "max power seen" averaged across the 5 item slots, plus or minus a small random factor. (10? 10%? unclear)
    • "Max power seen" is determined by drops across all 5 heroes, even if the item has since been salvaged.
  • Item rarity is gated by level. I saw mostly whites until maybe level 4, and didn't see blues regularly until level 8 or so. At ~18 I see greens and some blues from a soldier's chest, and vice versa from a general's chest, and mostly blues from an emperor's chest. I'm not sure it's changed much since level 10.
    • It's probably okay to open soldier recruit chests on level 4 alts, general recruit chests on level 8 alts, etc. without losing out on salvage, and anything you get will be 100 power if your "max power seen" is over ~110. That guideline is mostly just from seeing what I get when opening on a level ~18 main and comparing to my alts. Still missing out on the rare orange drop I think though, so I only do it to get a single decent melee and ranged to tide me until I unlock a template to craft. Also, it's a lot easier to salvage a bunch of 100 power gear on my main, since it's sorted by power, and I haven't kept any 100 power gear for my main.
  • Opening Veteran chests does nothing for you until you hit ~90 in each slot. Same for Champion/Commendation and ~190.
    • Only the maximum power constraint matters on the chest. If your "max power seen" is 80, all chests are equivalent when opened, because you're not going to get items over 100 anyway.

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