Empire in Flames

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Empire in Flames
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Main Mission
Act 3 Part 2
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"Shame about Ussingen. The town's ruined, but there's still a job to do there. The Rotbloods are using the Baron's manor as a storehouse for all their ill gotten gains. It's filled with food stocks and supplies, and I want you to blow it up. They won't like that, I tell you. Use the black powder from a nearby Mining Emporium, but hurry up, there's a fat bunch of them marching on Ussingen to claim their loot." Franz Lohner

"Listen, the town of Ussingen's a smouldering ruin, and from what we gather the Rotbloods are using the Baron's manor as a store house for the grain and loot they pillaged. Your job is to blow the manor sky high and do it soon! Because there's an army of those sick buggers on their way to collect their spoils. You'll need black powder, and you'll find it in a Mining Emporium close to the manor." Franz Lohner

Our intrepid heroes travel through Ussingen with the intent of destroying Baron Justus Francke's mansion in order to prevent the Chaos forces there from looting it.

Finale[edit | edit source]

The players must first locate a cart, and then find three barrels of black powder. You can bring barrels from before the finale if you find any and speed up this portion. At least one hero must stand near the cart in order to move it to the edge of the stairs. The barrel in the basement can be tossed up to a waiting player in order to speed up its travel to the cart.

After filling the cart a player must light the explosives and push the whole thing towards the mansion. After the explosion you are free to escape through the town. Be aware that Monsters can still spawn during this portion of the map, and the last Tome is located here.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to speed up the final event by bringing along powder barrels from earlier in the map.
  • The falling debris from the explosion can injure players, so try to avoid it.

Post-Mission[edit | edit source]

After completing Empire in Flames, Oleysa will say the following.

"Oh, the arsonists are back! Well played with fire and black powder. Lots of hungry bellies in the Northlander camps tonight. I hear the Rotblood champion, Bödvarr Ribspreader, is quite upset with us. First we free his slaves, and now we've burned up his food and loot. I feel obliged to find more opportunities to annoy him. And yes, I almost forgot... I can confirm that Ussingen's Baron Justus Francke had dealings with the secret Nurgle cult active in the area, and left the town right before the Rotbloods attacked it. I hope we can some day lay our hands on him to mete out some justice. Justice for Justus. Hm." Oleysa

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