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For information on specific weapons, check out the Weapon pages.

Equipment refers to the items you find in your inventory which can be equipped by the Heroes. Different Heroes have access to different Equipment, with the exception of Necklaces, Charms, and Trinkets. These are shared across all Heroes. Some Equipment can only be used by specific careers, such as the volley crossbow being restricted to the Shade.

There are also Cosmetics, which change your appearance, but not your abilities or stats. There are also Weapon Illusions, which change the appearance of a Melee or Ranged weapon.

Equipment is also a major Factor for increasing your Hero Power as your average Hero Power from Equipment is added to your total Hero Power.

There are five equipment slots:

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Equipment comes in the following qualities/ rarities which determine the number of Properties and Traits

  • White(also called Common) - 0 magical properties
  • Green(also called Uncommon) - 1 magical property
  • Blue(also called Rare) - 2 magical properties
  • Orange(also called Exotic) - 2 magical properties and 1 trait
  • Red(also called Veteran) - 2 max roll (highest %) magical properties and 1 trait   
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