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Weapon Characteristics are shown in green at the bottom of the weapon panel and define the strong suits of the weapon. A weapon always has three characteristics, which often combine to make it suitable for certain situations or tactics. As the different Heroes and/or careers often have better access to different weapon characteristics, they also fit some team-roles better than others.

Note that some weapons might have more characteristics, such as the Damage over Time on the dagger of Kerillian's Sword and Dagger. If known, these characteristics are also listed here.

Armour Piercing[edit | edit source]

Armour Piercing determines if the weapon will deal damage (with a light attack) to an armoured opponent. Armour will always reduce the damage of an attack. Armour Piercing's damage gets reduced slightly whereas regular weapons get their damage reduced greatly (often to 0).

Armour Piercing weapons include:

Close Range[edit | edit source]

Close Range is a ranged weapon characteristic, meaning the weapon is highly suitable for close range combat. This often also means the weapon is unsuitable for long-range firing, as the projectile/flames are shot in a cone and inaccurate.

Close Range weapons include:

Crowd Control[edit | edit source]

Crowd Control implies that the weapon has a high stagger damage output. Generally, these weapons tend to push or/and stagger enemies on regular attacks. This is both useful for keeping hordes at bay and staggering enemies that other weapons have trouble staggering, like Berserkers.

Crowd Control weapons include:

Fast Attacks[edit | edit source]

Fast Attacks is a melee weapon characteristic and indicates the weapon can be swung rapidly. This allows the player to kill individuals in hordes fast and, for stronger enemies, to damage enemies safely between blocks. The individual attacks of a Fast Attack weapon are often less powerful.

Fast Attacks weapons include:

Damage over Time[edit | edit source]

Weapons with Damage over Time do continuing damage (to enemies and with friendly fire) after the initial strike. The amount and duration of the damage varies between weapons.

Damage over Time weapons include:

Headshot Damage[edit | edit source]

A weapon with the Headshot Damage characteristic has an increased damage multiplier when striking the weak spot (often the head) of an enemy.

Headshot Damage weapons include:

Heavy Charged Attack[edit | edit source]

Weapons with the Heavy Charged Attack characteristics have multiple phases in their Charged Attack animation. If the second phase of the charge is reached, the attack deals extra damage.

Heavy Charged Attack weapons include:

High Damage[edit | edit source]

General weapon characteristics that means the weapon does more damage per individual attack than other weapons. This often implies the weapon has a relative low attack rate.

High Damage weapons include:

High Mobility[edit | edit source]

Only one weapon exists with High Mobility. High Mobility allows the player to charge their weapon attack without suffering a movement penalty.

High Mobility weapons include:

Ignore Shields[edit | edit source]

A weapon with the Ignore Shields characteristic can circumvent the blocking effect of shielded enemies.

Ignore Shields weapons include:

Overheat[edit | edit source]

Weapons with Overheat have no ammo, instead producing heat which makes the weapon slowly overheat. This heat drains slowly, or can be actively vented at the cost of players health. For a detailed description, click here. Overheat is often an invisible characteristic.

Overheat weapons include:

Piercing Bolts[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons with the Piercing Bolts characteristic have projectiles that can more easily pierce multiple enemies. However, testing has shown the difference between Piercing Bolts weapons and other weapons is either untrustworthy or irrelevantly small. For example, the Volley Crossbow of Saltzpyre (with Piercing Bolts) and Kerillian (without) can both pierce the exact same amount of enemies.

Piercing Bolts weapons include:

Powerful Blocks[edit | edit source]

All weapons with shield have the Powerful Blocks characteristics. This means that you can block many attacks that would normally be unblockable and enemies are staggered when being blocked by this weapon, even stronger enemies like elites.

Powerful Blocks weapons include:

Rapid Fire[edit | edit source]

Rapid Fire is a ranged weapons-only characteristic. It indicates the weapon can be fired in quick succession, either because it holds multiple shots or can be reloaded quickly.

Rapid Fire weapons include:

Shield Breaking[edit | edit source]

The Shield Breaking characteristic has two effects:

  1. When fighting Infantry, the weapon deals increased damage to the enemy's stamina when they block. If the opponent is using a shield that is wooden, namely of [[Clanrats#Shielded|Clanrats] and Bulwarks, the shield will break (note that Stormvermin shields are metal).
  2. The damage reduction due to enemy armour is only moderately decreased. While other weapons will do minimal to no damage, the Shield Breaking trait ranges from a 50%-20% decrease in damage depending on the weapon. The table below lists the exact decrease per weapon:
Weapons with Shield Breaking
Hero Weapon Damage Reduction from armour

(%s from 20/11/18)

Also has

Armour Penetration

Kruber Halberd 50%
Two-handed Hammer 20%
Repeater Handgun ?%
Longbow ?%
Bardin Hammer ?%
Axe ?%
Dual Axes ?%
Axe and Shield 27%
Two-handed Hammer 20%
Great Axe ?%
Kerillian Glaive 50%
Longbow ?%
Saltzpyre Axe 50%

Sniper[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons with the Sniper characteristic zoom-in while holding the charged attack button. The Kerillian's Waystalker career can also press the alternative fire button while holding the charged attack button to zoom-in even further.

Sniper weapons include:

Versatile[edit | edit source]

Versatile weapons are (like the name suggests) useful in a number of diverse ways, making it an allrounder. This might mean the normal attacks are quick while the heavy or charged attacks are slow and powerful, or the weapons has both wide sweeps for crowd control and precise attacks for making head-shots.

Versatile weapons include:

Wide Sweeps[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons with the Wide Sweeps characteristics have attack patterns that include horizontal patterns, which allow the player to hit enemies in a wide angle in front of him.

Wide Sweeps weapons include:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some Weapon Characteristics seem to be in place as "filler" characteristics. These characteristics either give an unclear advantage (like High Mobility), or are shared with weapons that also have the characteristics but have three other, more important ones to fill their slots (like Overheat and Piercing Bolts) , or both. Due to the little information FatShark releases on weapon statistics and the lack of a reliable testing ground, this stays uncertain until further information is released.