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Making Friends In-Game[edit | edit source]

  • The Vermintide community is *mostly* friendly. Your job as a new player is to add the people you gel with (especially ones that play with mic) and shrug off the ones that are jerks or uncommunicative. The best way to add friends is by hitting the "Tab" key in the keep or during the mission (elevator rides are good, quiet moments) and then hitting right-click to be able to mouse over a person's steam profile link. This is much more reliable than trying to search for a person later via Steam.

Join Some Communities[edit | edit source]

Playing Without a Mic[edit | edit source]

You can definitely get by without a mic, but if helps if you adapt your playstyle to being mute:

  • Let someone else (preferably someone with a mic!) lead the team unless you're clearly the most experienced player. If you do want to lead, then type stuff out instead of assuming people will interpret your body language correctly (e.g. "wait until Dwarf catches up to drop down to next area please").
  • Get really fast with your ping key. You can communicate a lot by pinging a speed potion, or a bomb, or a tome, but you also want to be able to say "DUDE PACKMASTER ON YOUR SIX!" within a split-second by pinging it while you fight rats.
  • Don't make little trips on your own without typing anything. On a mic it's easy to say "hold up guys, need to hit that ammo crate again" but without a mic it's tempting to just nip off on your own because typing is work. But the odds of an ambush spawning in between you and your still-progressing party, or of you getting jumped by an assassin after your team has passed a point-of-no-return and can't save you, are basically 8/10.