Gatekeeper Naglfahr

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Gatekeeper Naglfahr
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Chaossymbol.png Chaos
Armour Class
Fully Armoured
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Transforms into Spawn of Chaos
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Gatekeeper Naglfahr is a great Chaos Warrior and guardian of the Skittergate keystaff in Norsca. During The Skittergate, he needs to be defeated in order for the Heroes to claim the keystaff proceed back to the Skittergate. The Gatekeeper wears armor similar to Chaos Warrior, but with more ornamentation and a cloak. He lacks a helmet, showing his bleak, bald, decrepit head. He is greatly blessed by the Chaos God Nurgle, as is shown when he transforms into a Spawn of Chaos during the fight, which is considered the ultimate, gifted form by Nurgle worshipers.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Heavy Hit[edit | edit source]

Naglfahr simply hits with his axe, similar to how Chaos Warriors attack. Damage can be blocked.

Overhead Slam[edit | edit source]

Similar to Chaos Warriors, Naglfahr raises his axe above his head and performs an overhead slam. However unlike with Chaos Warriors, the damage can be fully blocked.

Chaos Charge[edit | edit source]

Naglfahr charges quickly in a straight line towards a single player, sending them flying. Damage can be blocked.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Every single one of his attacks can be blocked to negate damage.
  • Remember that Gatekeeper Naglfahr is basically just a much tougher version of a Chaos Warrior, which means that he will also have most of the same weaknesses. In his case, a majority of his attacks, with the exception of his Chaos Charge, are sluggish, yet very powerful.
  • Naglfahr transforms into a Spawn of Chaos when reaching about 75% health. His transformation takes a while, during which he will be susceptible to damage. The new Chaos Spawn will keep the healthbar of Naglfahr.
  • He is vulnerable to staggering to the point that a prepared party with bombs and the correct Careers can stun-lock and damage him until he reaches the point he transforms into an Spawn of Chaos. If properly damaging him during his transformation, he can be brought down to half his health before Naglfahr has a chance to attack.
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