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The Grail Knight is the pride of Bretonnia – a blessed warrior granted supernatural might by the mysterious Lady of the Lake. As all Bretonnian Knights, he never engages in ranged combat, instead favoring foes with the gift of close-quarters battle. Whether armed with his longsword or a trusty sword and shield, the Grail Knight is death to foul creatures wherever he encounters them.

- Vermintide 2 Official Website

Grail Knight
Portrait Kruber Grail Knight temp.png
The Lady's Duty
Blessed Blade
Hit Points

Grail Knight is one of 4 careers available to Markus Kruber.

The career is the fourth career for Markus Kruber, available to be purchased as a Premium Career.

Description[edit | edit source]

‘Grail Knight’ isn't just a rank, it’s a holy station, earned in battle with some ghastly monstrosity. Supposedly the Lady of the Lake sends visions to worthy candidates, guiding them on a righteous path of carnage. If they survive, she lets them drink from the grail and blesses them with holy strength.

That’s what happened to Kruber. He’s got the bloodline and he’s thrown down with plenty of ghastly monstrosities.

- Vermintide 2 Official Website

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ability Description
Blessed Blade

Career Skill

  • Markus equips a blessed blade and slashes down with great force, smiting any evil creature caught in its wake and dealing heavy damage.
The Lady's Duty

Passive Ability

  • Upon entering a mission, the Lady of the Lake grants 2 random Duties for the Grail Knight and his party to complete. Upon completion of a Duty, the party is granted a Benison for the rest of the mission.
Knight's Challenge

Passive Ability

  • Deals 25%* more damage to the first enemy hit.
Thirst for Glory

Passive Ability

  • Increases movement speed by 10%*.
Bastion of Bretonnia

Passive Ability

  • Markus can use shields to block Warpfire Thrower attacks.

* In-game UI displays incorrect values.

Duties and Benisons[edit | edit source]

Duties are objectives that the party can complete to receive bonuses (referred to as Benisons/Blessings in the game) that will last until the end of the mission. Duties are assigned at the start of the mission. By default, the party will receive 2 Duties from of the pool of 5. Some Talents can provide additional Duties.

Every Duty has a requirement and a bonus associated with it, which are not random. For example, Find Grimoires Duty will always give Health Regen. Requirements on some Duties scale with Difficulty, but bonuses never do. Duty progress is shared, meaning actions of every team member contribute to it, not just those of the Grail Knight. The Knight can theoretically do absolutely nothing, have his comrades do all the work, and still count as having completed his Duties.

Once the Duty is complete, the bonus is applied to the whole party and is displayed on the buff bar. With one exception, Duties cannot be completed more than once per mission. That exception is the Duty granted by the Virtue of the Penitent Talent, which gives a Potion of Strength and restarts upon completion.

Duty Blessing
Slay Enemies* Potion of Strength
Slay Elites +10% Power Level
Slay Specials +5% Attack Speed
Slay Monsters +10% Cooldown Regen
Find Tomes +10% Damage Reduction
Find Grimoires Health Regen


Difficulty Enemies Elites Specials Monsters Tomes Grimores
Recruit 100 15 10 1 1 1
Veteran 125 15 10 1 1 1
Champion 150 20 15 1 1 1
Legend 175 20 15 1 1 1
Cataclysm 200 30 20 1 1 1

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons
Two-Handed Sword
Executioner Sword
Two-Handed Hammer
Sword and Shield
Mace and Shield
Mace and Sword.png
Mace and Sword
Bretonnian Longsword Bretonnian Sword and Shield

Talents[edit | edit source]

You may select one talent from each tier and change them freely in Taal's Horn Keep.

Level 5

Lady's Generosity


Lady's Wrath


Gift of the Grail

Staggering an enemy with a melee attack grants temporary health. Health gained is based on the strength of the stagger. Melee killing blows grants temporary health based on the health of the slain enemy. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any wounds.
Level 10

Virtue of the Ideal


Virtue of Knightly Temper


Virtue of Heroism

Killing enemies increases power level by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Critical strikes instantly slay enemies if their current health is less than 4 times the amount of damage of the critical strike. Half effect versus Lords and Monsters. Power level of heavy attacks increased by 25%.
Level 15





Enhanced Power

Enemies that you stagger take 10% more damage from melee attacks for 5 seconds.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

The first enemy hit always counts as staggered.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Increases total Power Level by 7.5%. This is calculated before other buffs are applied.
Level 20

Virtue of Duty


Virtue of Purity


Virtue of the Penitent

The Lady's Favour grants an additional Quest. Increases the potency of the blessings rewarded upon completing a Quest by 50%. The Lady's Favour grants a repeatable Quest that rewards a Potion of Strength to Markus upon completion. (Potion drops on the floor if Markus's potion slot is occupied)
Level 25

Virtue of Stoicism


Virtue of Discipline


Virtue of the Joust

50% of damage taken is regenerated as temporary health after 5 seconds. Timed blocks increase power level by 20% for 6 seconds. Increases push arc and stamina regeneration by 30%.
Level 30

Virtue of Audacity


Virtue of the Impetuous Knight


Virtue of Confidence

Adds a second stab attack to Blessed Blade, dealing devastating single target damage. Killing an enemy with Blessed Blade increases movement speed by 35% for 15 seconds. Change Blessed Blade to a horizontal slash that cleaves through and staggers multiple enemies.

Promotional Art[edit | edit source]

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