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The Dance of Seasons
Hit Points

Handmaiden is one of the three careers from which Kerillian can choose.

This career is available at level 7, after Waystalker and prior to Shade.

Description[edit | edit source]

Guided by Lileath, the Elven Goddess of the Moon, Kerillian was confident in the visions and dreams she had received from her favoured deity. One night, after yet another day of butchering Skaven, something extraordinary happened. The Everqueen herself, the spiritual leader of the High Elves, reached out directly to Kerillian in a dream. Next morning, Kerillian woke up in awe and started to slowly digest the magnitude of what had just occurred…

In battle as the Handmaiden, Kerillian favors melee combat, using the reach of her spears to deliver death to her foes before they are in range to retaliate. Should an enemy close the distance, the armour of the Handmaiden is able to withstand a barrage of cuts, allowing Kerillian to retaliate with impunity.

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ability Description
The Dance of Seasons new.png

The Dance of Seasons

Passive Ability

  • 15% Increased dodge distance.


Passive Ability

  • Provides a +100% Stamina regeneration aura.
Ariel's Benison

Passive Ability

  • Revives can't be interrupted by damaging attacks.


Career Skill

  • Kerillian dashes forward through enemies. Hitting enemies with this ability cause them to bleed.
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