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Healing items are usable items that replenish health. These items are equipped in the third item slot and can be accessed through pressing [3] or via mouse-wheel.

Healing Draughts[edit | edit source]


Healing Draughts can be transferred to another hero by equipping the item and then pressing (E) or (RMB) while next to them. Using a healing draught replenishes 75 health and is a fast way to heal up mid-fight.

Medical Supplies[edit | edit source]


Medical Supplies cannot be shared but they can be used either on yourself by left-clicking or on another hero by right-clicking on an ally in order to heal 75% of the targets missing health along with turning temporary health into permanent health. Using Medical Supplies on another hero also clears your own wounds.

Traits affecting Healing Items[edit | edit source]

Traits found on necklaces are associated with healing items.

Image Name Description
Necklace trait hand of shallya.png Hand of Shallya Healing an ally with a medkit also heals you for 50.0% of your missing health.
Necklace trait healers touch.png Healers Touch 25.0% chance to not consume healing item on use.
Necklace trait natural bond.png Natural Bond Grants passive heal regeneration but healing yourself gives temporary health.