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In Vermintide 2 each character has a fixed amount of health points that varies between classes.

Health States[edit | edit source]

Normal[edit | edit source]

At the start of each level, each character has a full health bar in a "normal" state (green).

Prone[edit | edit source]

If the character takes too much damage and the normal health bar runs out of health points, the character will fall to a prone state (outlined in red).

The health bar will refill with health points and turn red.

The red health will slowly tick down, but nearby enemies can hasten this. If all red points run out, the character will die.

Other players can revive a prone character by pressing "E"(by default).

Wounded[edit | edit source]

If a character is revived from the prone state, the character's health bar will be filled with temporary health (white) that will run out with time (to a minimum of 1 health point).

If the character loses all temporary health points, they will fall into the prone state again and get an additional wound.

Each difficulty level has a different amount of wounds that can be accumulated before the character dies:

  • Recruit: 4
  • Veteran: 2
  • Champion and Legend: 1

Using any healing item or getting healed by other players will remove all wounds and bring the character back to the normal state.

Disabled[edit | edit source]

If the character get caught by a disabler, the character will enter the disabled state-- just like the prone state described above.

In this state the character can not move or attack but still can receive damage.

The player still can look around and tag themselves.

Other players can kill and sometimes stagger the disabler to free the character from this state.

Cliff Hang[edit | edit source]

If the character goes over a ledge they will get locked in a cliff hang state where they can not move or attack but still get damaged.

Other players can help the character up the ledge similar to the prone state.

If the character is not rescued in a set amount of time, the character will fall down and most likely die(unless there is a playable area underneath)

Note that dying in this way, the team will lose any items that the character had, including tomes and grimoires.

Launched Off An Edge[edit | edit source]

On certain maps, it's possible to bypass the Cliff Hang altogether and be tossed directly to death. Most frequently, this is the result of a Monster batting the player over an edge that would normally be a Cliff Hang. The player will land wherever they land, but be dead instantly, losing all carried items in the process.

Death[edit | edit source]

If the character accumulates too many wounds, lose all red health points in prone state or fall off a ledge the character will then die.

The death state is not permanent, after some time, the character will spawn farther along the map in a bound state, which the other players can then rescue.