Hunger in the Dark

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Hunger in the Dark
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Main Mission
Act 1
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"Those bile trolls ain't natural. Rotblood sorcerers are using some kind of altar to churn 'em out, and it's up to you to disrupt the whole operation with a bloody big bang. Yes, that's right, it'll take black powder to get the job done. I know there's more than enough 'fireworks' laying around in Dreisdunkel Mine, so use what you find and put an end to this nasty business." Franz Lohner

"Bile trolls are coming out of Dreisdunkel Mine, and I need you lot to interfere. It's hard to believe, but the Rotbloods are turning regular old trolls into those awful bile-spewers. Fight your way down and destroy the Altar that's transforming the beasts. You'll need black powder, but there's plenty lying around down there. End this show with a bang." Franz Lohner

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The heroes travel into Dreisdunkel Mine to destroy the Bile Troll altar. To do this they have to find explosives and bring them along with them in a mine cart. Their journey takes them through abandoned mine systems, pitch-dark shafts and ancient caverns.

Mine Cart[edit | edit source]

After making your way through the Backfill, you will find a minecart the players need to take with them throughout the mission. On straight and uphill sections of the track, the cart is rolled forward by standing close to it, so always keep one or two players next to the cart. At certain points, a lever needs to be pulled to allow the cart to continue. Once the heroes get further into the mine, they will need to gather three explosive barrels from nearby caves to fill up the cart. Once that is done, the heroes can continue by pulling another lever. Throughout the mission the heroes will sometimes lose the cart and find it a bit further on, relieving them of having to push the cart all the time. Take note that if players abandon the cart while pushing it upward, the cart rolls back and has to be pushed up again.

Finale[edit | edit source]

The minecart will come to rest at the altar, and you will be given a prompt to ring the "dinner bell." Doing so summons one Bile Troll. The party has the choice of fighting and killing the troll, or immediately try and escape across the bridge the troll came from. When you escape up a ramp leading to the cave exit, multiple Bile Trolls escape from their pens, but the minecart explodes, killing the trolls instantly.

Post-Mission[edit | edit source]

After completing Hunger in the Dark, Oleysa will say the following.

"Oh, I can smell your success. Literally. Ugh. Like Lohner's special recipes. Anyway, we'll have less of the Bile Trolls terrorizing civilians for a while but don't delude yourselves, the pact-sworn ranks are still full of the disgusting brutes. And yes, while you were feeding trolls, I received answers on certain inquiries I've made. It seems like preparations for the 'Bile Troll production' were underway long before the invasion. Yes, Helmgart's own secret Nurgle cult, 'The Society of Harmonious Growth and Splendour' was in the mines doing bad things under orders from Sorcerer Lord Halescourge. Did I mention he was also the mysterious emissary who signed the pact with Clan Fester in Stromdorf. No? Well now you know. Burblespue Halescourge." Oleysa

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