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Chaossymbol.png Chaos
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Snares a hero and pulls them in.
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The Lifeleech is a type of Chaos Special in Vermintide 2.

The Lifeleech is a large, bloated Chaos sorcerer that teleports across the battlefield to try and capture his victims in a magical and deadly embrace. They wear a spiked hood under which they have glowing green eyes, and carry a staff with skulls and limbs mounted on the top.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rotblood sorcerers are the true guiding power of the tribe, dripping tainted guidance into the waiting ears of Marauder and Chieftain alike. Unlike their brothers, the sorcerers are in no doubt that they serve ebullient Nurgle – that the plagues and diseases besetting their tribe are blessings from the most generous of the Dark Gods. The sorcerers themselves are most ‘blessed’ of all. They are mountains of rotten, swollen flesh that transpose through magic more readily than they waddle into the fray.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Lifeleeches whisper ominously when they spawn, and will lurk some distance away from the party until they identify an opportunity to strike. The party can track its general movements by following the clear noises it makes when teleporting.
  • When Lifeleeches detect a lone player or a distracted player, they will teleport behind them and attack with a magical spell that drags their victim toward the Leech. The attack does not deal damage until the captured victim is right in the face of a leech, allowing teammates with quick reaction times to save their friend before any damage is done.
  • The Leech is stationary while capturing its victim and stays that way during its attack. Together with his big body, this allows teammates to quickly kill it with ranged weapons.
  • The spell of the Leech works like a projectile, meaning the players can dodge it if they time it right. After hearing the teleportation sound, the Leech fires its spell after roughly a full second, so simply count down and dodge sideways to avoid being captured.
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