Markus Kruber

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Markus Kruber
Markus Kruber.jpg
Level 1
Kruber mercenary active.png Mercenary
Level 7
Kruber huntsman active.png Huntsman
Level 12
Kruber knight active.png Foot Knight
Level 1
Two-Handed Sword
Level 2
Level 4
Repeater Handgun
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Mace and Shield
Level 9
Executioner Sword
Level 11
Two-Handed Hammer
Level 12
Sword and Shield
Voice Actor
Dan Mersh

Summary[edit | edit source]

Markus Kruber is one of the five playable Heroes in Vermintide 2. In official media, he is usually seen in partial armor, wearing a feathered hat and wielding a two-handed sword or Halberd.

As a sergeant, Markus Kruber led the 8th Ostland Swordsmen to victory many times, inspiring confidence and loyalty in his men and forming a strong bond with them. When he was the sole survivor of his unit's attack against a necromancer, Markus found himself a broken man. He attempted to leave the army but was denied. Impressed with his skill, Witch Hunter Victor Saltzpyre persuaded Markus' superiors to let him leave and become an escort for Victor's Bright Wizard prisoner to Ubersreik. After the events of Vermintide, Markus continues to be in Saltzpyre's employ.

Based on which career the player chooses in-game, he is seen as a Mercenary, leaving the military for his own path, a Huntsman who is attempting to find peace with his past by returning to his roots, or a Foot Knight rising in the ranks of the Order of the Reikshammer.

 Official Description[edit | edit source]

Although still world-weary and marked by his experiences, Kruber has found purpose in the aftermath of Ubersreik. As a soldier first, last and always, he understands that some battles have to be fought, no matter the cost. And who better to fight them than Markus Kruber? At first, the former Ostland Sergeant was wary and distant towards the other members of his newfound ragtag unit of five, but along the way Kruber did reevaluate both fellow fighters and schools of thought.[1]

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