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Necklaces are an equipable jewellery worn by all heroes and careers.

Like all jewelry, Necklaces can be crafted at the Forge using Scrap and a Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit. Necklaces do not have an in-game model.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Necklaces are strictly set to aid the player's survival. However, which benefits are most effective can vary, depending on mission, career, and play-style.

For properties, both extra stamina and extra health is great for general survivability. Specialized damage reduction can have a greater affect over the course of an entire stage, but is only better if the player knows it will encounter that type of enemy more often or a boss of that type will be encountered (examples are Into the Nest and The War Camp). Both Push/Block Angle and Block Cost Reduction can be great for tanking characters, but these characteristics are also influenced by weapon choice, weapon properties, and Talents. Note that the blocking properties might be useful to give to bots, as they often rely heavily on blocking when cornered. Generally, Damage reduction vs. Area of Effect is the worst property to have, as there are few enemy sources in the game that cause this type of damage.

As for traits, Healers Touch is the generalist option. This trait also combines well with the shared healing Talent each career has access to. Barkskin and Natural Bond are tank or runner options, and work best for Tome carriers as they provide a constant effect without needing to carry a healing item. Hands of Shallya is good as a supporting trait, but note that it does not work well with the shared healing Talent mentioned before. Boon of Shallya provides overkill for healing, but also affects the gain of temporary health and thus resonates well with "Health-on-kill/stagger/cleave" Talents.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Necklaces can have the following effects:

  • Health (+10-20%)
  • Stamina (+1-2) 1
  • Push/Block Angle (+10-30%) 2
  • Block Cost Reduction (+10-30%)
  • Damage Reduction vs. (+5-10%) 3

1 +1 Stamina is a half extra shield, +2 Stamina is a full extra shield

2 With Block angle is actually meant the Parry Angle, the angle for which players block attacks at 50% reduced cost

3 Skaven, Chaos, or Area of Effect

Traits[edit | edit source]

Traits found on necklaces are associated with healing items.

Image Name Description
Necklace trait barkskin.png Barkskin4 Taking damage reduces the damage you take from subsequent sources by 40% for 2 seconds. This effect can only trigger every 2 seconds.
Boon of Shallya Increases effectiveness of healing on you by 30%.
Necklace trait hand of shallya.png Hand of Shallya Healing an ally with medical supplies also heals you for 50.0% of your missing health.
Necklace trait healers touch.png Healers Touch 25.0% chance to not consume healing item on use.
Necklace trait natural bond.png Natural Bond Passively regenerates 1 health every 5 seconds. Healing from First Aid Kits and Healing Draughts are converted to temporary health and cure any wound.

4 This damage reduction is calculated after other effects such as career perks.

Necklace Variety[edit | edit source]

Name Flavor Text
Chamberlain-Accuser's Rosary Gild worship-beads of a high ranking Witch Hunter. That the chain has not been broken up for its gold implies a warding magic.
Crux of the Martial Ideal An award granted to militia officers of middling rank, generally for valour in the battle-line.
Crux of the Puritanical Ideal A medal and also a source of stigma, for the Puritanical Ideal is granted only to those who have slain a comrade under the influence of heretical powers.
Fetish of Morr A grave-priest's aegis, with the number of skulls signifying rank within the cemetery-cult.
Hedge Wizard's Amulet The jade stone betrays an owner desperate to make a deeper connection with Ghyran.
Jeweller's Necklace Simple jewellery used as a template for new equipment. Offers a small bonus in battle.
Lector's Amulet An iron medallion, signifying high rank in the Sigmarite Church. Such tokens are often imbued with powerful charms.
Militiaman's Service Crux A common amulet, awarded in the Reikland to all who survive a militia tour. Such tokens are often enchanted, or inscribed with words of prayer.
Templar's Rosary A chain of beads, commonly carried by Witch Hunters. Some variants are fashioned from the charred fingerbones of the accused.
Theogonist's Amulet Medallion of the highest Sigmarite office. The prevalence of the [sic] such amulets suggests that counterfeit copies abound.
Warrior Priest's Amulet The rusted iron of this amulet services as a constant reminder that faith must be renewed, and not permitted to fall into decay.