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 Quotes[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Completion of Righteous Stand That was a fair old racket, heroic ones, and by Ursun, it actually worked! Hardly saw a twitching tail or a beady eye. Well, except for all the busy ones around the Skittergate. Busy, busy little rats... So busy I could easily glean some information. Yes, crucial information! The Skittergate will be up again, sooner or later, but first, only at minimal capacity. This is when I will go through it. Well, not me personally of course, but, I have my methods. When in Norsca, I will take a good look around and see what I can come up with. And yes, I have established a secure path for me to get back down there, but should it be compromised, I might need another distraction or two from you lot.
Completion of Convocation of Decay Ah. You return, with the summoning thwarted and both health and dignity intact! I can live with that. Nurgle daemons on the loose however,... Ah. No. So, I suppose you did well. Now, after the scuffle, some friends of mine had a look around the summoning site and found proof that a secret Nurgle cult was active in Helmgart prior to the invasion. 'The Society of Harmonious Growth and Splendour'. Bah - These cults worshiping the dark gods always have the most pretentious names, don't they? Anyway, the cult was receiving orders from an old acquaintance, at least by name. Halescourge. Burblespue Halescourge. Ring any bells? Well no matter the state of your memory, he is a Rotblood Sorcerer Lord and currently in command of the Northlander forces around Helmgart. So there you have it.
Completion of Hunger in the Dark Oh, I can smell your success. Literally. Ugh. Like Lohner's special recipes. Anyway, we'll have less of the Bile Trolls terrorizing civilians for a while but don't delude yourselves, the pact-sworn ranks are still full of the disgusting brutes. And yes, while you were feeding trolls, I received answers on certain inquiries I've made. It seems like preparations for the 'Bile Troll production' were underway long before the invasion. Yes, Helmgart's own secret Nurgle cult. 'The Society of Harmonious Growth and Splendour' was in the mines doing bad things under orders from Sorcerer Lord Halescourge. Did I mention he was also the mysterious emissary who signed the pact with Clan Fester in Stromdorf. No? Well now you know. Burblespue Halescourge.
Completion of Halescourge Good, good, good, good... that Halescourge is dead. You however, your performance was a bit... unconvincing. But in the end, it's the results that matter, yes? And had that scum-bucket succeeded, it would have made reaching, and destroying, the Skittergate a lot more troublesome. The mist ritual seems to have been the first step in a dedicated effort to transform what is left of Helmgart into one big poison swamp. I am pleased that isn't happening.
Completion of Athel Yenlui Not bad, heroic ones. The winds have calmed. My bridge should be able to get you home safely now. I have also learned a thing or two about Clan Fester. First off, they are quite desperate as their breeders, yes, the Skaven females, are suffering from some apparently incurable affliction. It's known as the Brood Blight and it affects the sole reason for the Breeders existence, which is, of course, their fertility. Here is when Rasknitt appeared, promising Clan Fester a cure from the Brood Blight in return for the capture of Ubersreik. So, after nearly escaping death by your hands, he went missing for some time. Upon his return to Clan Fester he somehow managed to blame the defeat in Ubersreik on the former, now dead, Warlord of Clan Fester. Yes, Rasknitt was never the leader of Clan Fester itself, only in charge of the Ubersreik assault. That is what they do - lead when it suits them. So now we have Grey Seer Rasknitt in command of the Skittergate and the pact with the Rotbloods, and the new Warlord of Clan Fester named Skarrik Spinemanglr. I will let you know when I have more on both of them.
Completion of The Screaming Bell I appreciate your,... Unrefined yet somehow successful efforts. The bell had to go, and you did your part. Is it likely they will try to mend it and bring it up again? In short - yes. Where there's vermin, there are bells. No way around it. Anyway, I have some new tidbits of information. The new Warlord of Clan Fester. a Brute by the name of Skarrik Spinemanglr, is all brawn and no brain, which could work to our advantage. He is apparently a new addition to Clan Fester, perhaps sent by their superiors, Clan Pestilens. It would help explain the presence of Plague Monks among Clan Fester's forces nowadays. There were none among their ranks during the assault on Ubersreik, remember? My sources tell me Pestilens wanted no truck with Fester in fear of contracting the Brood Blight, but apparently this has changed. I'd say the Skittergate and the pact with the Rotbloods helped along the sudden change of heart among the Plaguelords. They would not pass up and opportunity for conquering the Reikland, after all.
Completion of Fort Brachsenbrücke Brachsenbrücke should hold - at least for now. Lohner's got folk scrambling to man its walls, and should you free any more prisoners, they now have somewhere safe to go. I bet you are dying to know if old Olesya has any more news on the ratmen? I can tell you she has. First, I have learned that sending out ratmen to the elven ruins, in an attempt to mess with my Bridge of Shadows, was not done by Rasknitt or some Rotblood potentate. And since Warlord Skarrik is just far too dense to have come up with it, evidence suggests there is a new power working behind the scenes in clan Fester. Second, I know exactly where Skarrik Spinemanglr is nesting. An idiot like him in charge seemed at first only to benefit us, but being only a pawn, with a cunning master pulling his strings, taking him out will be a good thing. Trust me.
Completion of Into the Nest You weren't fast, you weren't pretty, but you did slay the idiot Warlord, and that, my heroic friends, is definitely worth a cheer and a beer. The ratmen are viciously fighting each other. Chieftans being killed by the scores. Clan Fester's numbers are dropping by the minute, and work on the Skittergate now. How come? I predict that the remaining chieftans, who are holing up a safe distance from the Skittergate, will surround themselves with as many loyal clanrats as possible, until the worst of the infighting and paranoia dies down. All in all, good progress!
Completion of Against the Grain Ah, there you are. Good. Saving a few lost wretches might not sound like much, but it all helps. The prisoners were to be used as slave labour to work on the Skittergate, clearing debris and excavating new tunnels. This means we've delayed the completion of that cursed gate at least a little bit. Now, let's talk about the Rotbloods, and more specifically, their Champion. His name is Bödvarr Ribspreader and his horde is laying waste to the countryside. I think Kruber laid his lovely eyes on him just before your daring escape from the Grey Seer's paws. We must stop this fiend, but I'm ashamed to say I don't even have his main camp located yet. *sigh* But trust me, I am working on it.
Completion of Empire in Flames Oh, the arsonists are back! Well played with fire and black powder. Lots of hungry bellies in the Northlander camps tonight. I hear the Rotblood champion, Bödvarr Ribspreader, is quite upset with us. First we free his slaves, and now we've burned up his food and loot. I feel obliged to find more opportunities to annoy him. And yes, I almost forgot... I can confirm that Ussingen's Baron Justus Francke had dealings with the secret Nurgle cult active in the area, and left the town right before the Rotbloods attacked it. I hope we can some day lay our hands on him to mete out some justice. Justice for Justus. Hm.
Completion of Festering Ground So the Monolith's buried? I suppose that was well enough done, but considering the collective amount of heroism in this group, I expected a bit more. Can't say what exactly, but truly great heroes never settle for delivering exactly what you want.. They go one step further, and give you something more previous - something you didn't even realise you truly wanted. Next time, try to surprise an old woman, eh? Now, speaking of surprises, we have one planned for the Rotblood Champion, but I'm afraid it's quite urgent, so go talk to Lohner as soon as you are ready.
Completion of The War Camp Hah! That shut that stinking champion up! As I suspected, the new champion will obey the orders from his superiors in Norsca. They want him to concentrate on raiding and gathering slaves, not chasing some little insignificant troupe like us. So the search for our Keep has been called off, and we can go back to what we are doing. A good day for all of us.
Completion of The Skittergate Seer dead and Skittergate destroyed? You have regained my respect. I confess, you lost a lot of it when you were trapped and fooled by that lousy Grey Seer, but with this grand finale, I can only say: Well done!