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Equipment that is of green or higher rarity will have a one (for green) or two (for blue or higher) properties. Properties provide small bonuses and effects to the player and a random value (bound to a range). Equipment that is of orange or red rarity will have one trait in addition to two properties. Red items will always have maximum values on properties, and, unlike Vermintide 1, properties on red item can be re-rolled.

Properties can be re-rolled in the Crafting menu, which will yield random properties with random values (old properties can be re-rolled). Note that some properties are only available for certain equipment types. Ranged and Melee weapon stat increases (such as Critical Chance) only apply to the weapon they're on.

PROPERTIES[edit | edit source]

Value Bonus Melee Ranged Necklace Charm Trinket
+2%-5% Attack Speed
+1.0-2.0 Stamina
-10-30% Block Cost Reduction
+5%-10% Cooldown Reduction
+3%-5% Crit Chance
+10-20% Crit Power
+11%-33% Curse Resistance
+5%-10% Damage Reduction vs _____
+5% Movement Speed
+10%-20% Health
+5%-10% Power vs ____ 1 ✔²
+10%-30% Push/Block Angle
+10%-30% Respawn Speed
+10-30% Revive Speed
+10%-30% Stamina Recovery

1 Melee weapons can only get Power vs Skaven/Chaos

² Ranged weapons cannot roll Power vs Chaos and Skaven at the same time.

Power vs
Damage Reduction vs