Saltzpyre's Axe/Illusions

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Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Saltz 1ha1 Patchwork Axe.png Saltz 1ha1 Patchwork Axe preview.png Patchwork Axe Common This inexpensive weapon would be better served splitting lumber than skulls, but might yet serve as a worthy weapon in righteous hands.
  • Default
Saltz 1ha2 The Reckoning.png Saltz 1ha2 The Reckoning preview.png The Reckoning Uncommon Forged beneath the twin spires of the Grand Temple at Averheim, this axe is said to strike heretics with the force of the holy comet itself -- at least, if the wielder is worthy.
Saltz 1ha3 Templar's Axe.png Saltz 1ha3 Templar's Axe preview.png Templar's Axe Uncommon A pattern of axe commonly used by Witch Hunters across the Empire. It is a handy tool for righteous work, if lacking in refinement.
Saltz 1ha4 Brigstan's Executor.png Saltz 1ha4 Brigstan's Executor preview.png Brigstan's Executor Exotic Wulf Brigstan remains a legend within the Templar Order to this day, thanks to his courageous stand in the blighted village of Stoffbad. Brigstan’s axe survived the night, and still burns with a portion of its fallen master’s fury.
Saltz 1ha5 Bane of Heretics.png Saltz 1ha5 Bane of Heretics preview.png Bane of Heretics Exotic Witch Hunter captain Wilhelm Freigig was a singularly unimaginative soul. Thus, when the time came to name his enchanted axe, he quickly settled on a descriptor of what it (and he) did best.
Saltz 1ha6 Adjudicator's Axe.png Saltz 1ha6 Adjudicator's Axe preview.png Adjudicator's Axe Exotic Axe of a style borne by high-ranking Witch Hunters. The steel is invariably imbued with enchantment to aid in the ‘redemption’ of heretics and traitors.
Saltz 1ha7 Von Kraddock's Judge.png Saltz 1ha7 Von Kraddock's Judge preview.png Von Kraddock's Judge Veteran Von Kraddock infamously hauled whole villages from their beds to render judgement. Few witnesses walked away without nightmares, and many left short a hand, or did not depart at all, for von Kraddock had a keen -- and perhaps over-eager -- eye for heresy.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Saltz 1ha9 Absolver.png Saltz 1ha9 Absolver preview.png Absolver Veteran So named because the only absolution for heretical behavior comes from the pyre, or by splitting head from shoulders and thus allowing the blasphemous thoughts to seep away.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Saltz 1ha9 Absolver.png Saltz 1ha8 Hab's Cleaver bog preview.png Hab's Cleaver Veteran A splitter of skaven long before it found its way into Victor’s hands. Hold the blade close and you can hear the ratmen screaming, even now.
  • 50 Shillings
Saltz 1ha10 wom.png Saltz 1ha10 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Axe Weave
  • Weaves only