Saltzpyre's Rapier/Illusions

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Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Saltz rapier1 Unbalanced Rapier.png Saltz rapier1 Unbalanced Rapier preview.png Unbalanced Rapier Common This rapier is barely suitable for a peasant, let alone a stalwart seeker of heretics.
  • Default
Saltz rapier2 Templar's Rapier.png Saltz rapier2 Templar's Rapier preview.png Templar's Rapier Uncommon The signature weapon of a Witch Hunter, forged with good Nuln steel.
Saltz rapier3 Noble's Épée.png Saltz rapier3 Noble's Épée preview.png Noble's Épée Uncommon A nobleman's blade, more used for duelling than battle.
Saltz rapier4 Adjudicator's Rapier.png Saltz rapier4 Adjudicator's Rapier preview.png Adjudicator's Rapier Uncommon Rapier once belonging to a high-ranking Witch Hunter. Carried as a talisman by those who came after.
Saltz rapier5 Weischbach Rapier.png Saltz rapier5 Weischbach Rapier preview.png Weischbach Rapier Exotic Werner Weischbach seemingly perished in confrontation with his mortal enemy, the vampire Cruestati, atop the Reikwater falls. But his rapier survived to continue the necessary labours.
Saltz rapier6 Truthseeker Rapier.png Saltz rapier6 Truthseeker Rapier preview.png Truthseeker Rapier Exotic “Once a man’s flesh is laid bare, so are his secrets.” Gruesome though Mikel Stoffbach’s famous proverb remains, it’s hard to argue with results.
Saltz rapier7 Schluesselschloss Rapier.png Saltz rapier7 Schluesselschloss Rapier preview.png Schluesselschloss Rapier Exotic This rapier rusts easily in all but most clement of weather, but the effort spent maintaining it is soon repaid in the heat of battle.
Saltz rapier8 Estalian Rapier.png Saltz rapier8 Estalian Rapier preview.png Estalian Rapier Exotic A flickering blade forged of Estalian steel, imported in direct contravention of the Elector Count’s order.
Saltz rapier9 Truthsnare.png Saltz rapier9 Truthsnare preview.png Truthsnare Veteran Despite its name, this rapier’s talent lies not in the catching truths, but of extracting them from reluctant witnesses.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Saltz rapier9 Truthsnare.png Saltz rapier10 Piercer bog preview.png Piercer Veteran Some Witch Hunters prefer precision over brute force. Truth, like the soul itself, can be loosened from the resistant one incision at a time, if needed.
Saltz rapier11 wom.png Saltz rapier11 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Rapier Weave