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Murderous Prowess
Hit Points

Shade is one of the three careers from which Kerillian can choose.

This career is available at level 12, after Waystalker and Handmaiden.

Description[edit | edit source]

As the pain of exile continues to fester within Kerillian, a new voice introduced itself in hushed tones in her dreams. The whispers promised purpose and meaning and Kerillian, being sick to death of the world of men, listened. The voice belonged to Khaine, the God of War and Murder. Having accepted to heed his call, Kerillian embarked on a sinister journey to find her true self.

In battle, the Shade is a master of stealth, a deadly assassin striking from the dark, able to outmaneuver any foe with fleet-footed movement and otherworldly agility. Devoted to her new faith, the Shade prefers weapons favored by Khaine to do her bloody work.

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ability Description
Shade murderous prowess.jpg

Murderous Prowess

Passive Ability

  • Critical hit backstabs instantly slay man-sized enemies.
Assassin's Blade

Passive Ability

  • 50% additional damage when attacking enemies from behind.
Shade infiltrate.jpg


Career Skill

  • Kerillian becomes undetectable and can pass through enemies. Lasts for 10 seconds, or until she attacks.
    • If Kerillian attacks an enemy to get out of stealth, she will inflict 10 to 22 times the regular damage of this weapon. The bonus depends on the nature of the weapon, with Dual Daggers having the highest bonus. Charging the attack will as usual double the damage done, leading to potentially 44 times the weapon's regular damage.
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