Sienna's Beam Staff

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Beam Staff
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Dodge Count
Crowd Control
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Unlock Level
Battle Wizard

Beam staffs shoot a straight laser doing consistent damage in a straight line. There are two secondary attacks.

  • Hold down right mouse button and press left mouse button to perform a short-range shotgun-like attack.
  • Hold down left mouse button and press right mouse button to create a quick explosion on your beam's current target. The damage scales with how long your beam has been continuously touching them, up to 2x damage after about 1.25 seconds.

The beam itself deals several weak hits when it first touches an enemy, transitioning into slower, more powerful hits as you hold the beam on them. This means that if you wish to maximize the number of hits in order to trigger on-hit and on-crit effects, you should sweep the beam back and forth, onto and off of an enemy, or sweep it across a group of enemies.

Types of Beam Staffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Title Rarity Flavor Text Appearance (equipped)
Enchanter's Beam Staff Template Simple weapon used in the forge to craft new equipment. Can be used for self-defense in a pinch.
Sputtering Beam Staff Blue, Green, Orange This staff leaks power, the result of damage that no amount of reforging will repair.
Marietta's Molten Massacre Orange As much of a terror Marietta Von Gloot proved herself in the hallowed halls of the Bright College, she was more formidable by far on the battlefield - as the Redback Goblins would attest, were they not ash upon the breeze.
Victor Saltzpyre FalchionAxeTwo-Handed SwordFlailRapierAxe and Falchion
Brace of PistolsVolley CrossbowRepeater PistolCrossbow
Kerillian SwordDual DaggersDual SwordsSword and DaggerGlaiveTwo-Handed SwordElven SpearElven Axe
SwiftbowLongbowHagbane ShortbowVolley Crossbow
Sienna Fuegonasus SwordMaceFire SwordDaggerCrowbill
Fireball StaffFlamestorm StaffBolt StaffBeam StaffConflagration Staff
Markus Kruber Two-Handed SwordHalberdSwordExecutioner SwordTwo-Handed HammerSword and ShieldMaceMace and ShieldMace and Sword
BlunderbussHandgunRepeater HandgunLongbow
Bardin Goreksson Two-Handed HammerGreat AxeAxeHammerWar PickDual AxesAxe and ShieldHammer and ShieldDual Hammers
CrossbowHandgunGrudge-RakerDrakefire PistolsDrakegun