Sienna's Bolt Staff

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Bolt Staff
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Dodge Count
Rapid Fire
Headshot Damage
Unlock Level
Battle Wizard

Bolt Staffs shoot fireballs with two primary attack animations, the first via the staff and the second with the offhand. The damage of this attack is reduced at long range.

The secondary attack is a flame-arrow with pinpoint accuracy that can be held ready in the off-hand without building overcharge. Holding the arrow increases its damage, up to a maximum of 1.5x after about half a second.

 Types of Bolt Staffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Title Rarity Flavor Text Appearance (equipped)
Enchanter's Bolt Staff Template Simple weapon used in the forge to craft new equipment. Can be used for self-defense in a pinch.
Sputtering Bolt Staff White The staff once served as the focus of flame-wreathed ritual. Alas, those days are long behind.
Apprentice's Bolt Staff Blue The fitful magic in this staff seems to have been embedded by a novice of the enchanter's art.
Adept's Bolt Staff Blue The art of waking this staff's hidden spell is known to but a few.
Bann's Amazing Boltcaster Orange Hugo Bann was a giant in more ways than the physical. In his time at the Bright College he greatly expanded the litany of spells that could be bound to a staff for later use.
Firegobbet Orange Not the prettiest of enchanted staves, but there is something delightful about the fires it crafts.
Volans' Failed Experiment Red Such was Volans' pre-eminence, that his failures rank alongside most others' dazzling successes. So it is with this staff, which is supposed to be under lock and key back in Altdorf.
The Runic Ruinator Red This weapon's core appears to be the staff of a Dwarfen runesmith. Better for everyone that such details go unnoticed. Especially if Bardin has taken drink.
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