Sienna's Mace/Illusions

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Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Sienna mace1 Feeble Mace.png Sienna mace1 Feeble Mace preview.png Feeble Mace Common The head can be heard rattling with every strike.
  • Default
Sienna mace2 Apprentice's Mace.png Sienna mace2 Apprentice's Mace preview.png Apprentice's Mace Uncommon A battered mace that has passed through many uncaring hands.
Sienna mace3 Adept's Mace.png Sienna mace3 Adept's Mace preview.png Adept's Mace Uncommon A poorly-weighted mace, but serviceable in a pinch.
Sienna mace4 The Force of Argument.png Sienna mace4 he Force of Argument preview.png The Force of Argument Exotic The crushing weight of this mace best exemplifies why "Arguing with a Bright Wizard" is an Altdorf figure of speech of embarking on a ruinous course.
Sienna mace5 Ember Mace.png Sienna mace5 Ember Mace preview.png Ember Mace Exotic A mace as blunt as a fire-wizard's manner, and as unstoppable as her spells.
Sienna mace6 Feuerbach's Rapper.png Sienna mace6 Feuerbach's Rapper preview.png Feuerbach's Rapper Veteran Towards the end of his life, Hans Feuerbach began to disdain the Bright Order's obsession with keys, and instead signalled his intent to open a door with brisk rap with his mace. Most of them burst into flames.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Sienna mace8 Boppity Stick.png Sienna mace8 Boppity Stick preview.png Boppity Stick Veteran Pyromancer Marietta von Gloot was a tyrant of tutelage, ever-willing to reinforce an unheeded lesson with a 'gentle' tap about the head. Her students can be identified by their out-of-focus stares.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Sienna mace6 Feuerbach's Rapper.png Sienna mace7 Charrenrush bog preview.png Charrenrush Veteran The last weapon forged by the mad smith Gleniah Rashim. Listen close, and you can hear her cackles as she gave herself to the forge.
Sienna mace9 wom.png Sienna mace9 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Mace Weave