Sienna's Sword

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Battle Wizard

Swords are a melee attack weapon with moderate speed and blocking capabilities. Using a sword allows two primary attack animations, a primary charged attack, a secondary block as well as a blocking shove.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

 Types of Swords[edit | edit source]

Icon Title Rarity Flavor Text Appearance (equipped)
Blacksmith's Sword Template Simple weapon used in the forge to craft new equipment. Can be used for self-defense in a pinch.
Apprentice's Sword.png
Apprentice's Sword White A crudely-forged sword, relied on by wizards who get a little too close to the foe.
Adept's Sword Green Though sturdy enough, this sword was intended for ritual more than combat.
Master's Sword Blue A battle wizard's blade, tempered for war and strung with enchantment
Matriarch's Sword Orange A masterwork of the fire-smith's art, worthy of a wizard at her martial peak.
Hans von Glint's Heir-Sword Orange Wizard's seldom beget mortal progeny, preferring that their name and deeds be remembered by history, not children. Von Glint went one step further, imbuing a hidden roster of his triumphs into his sword's enchantment.
Flesh-Smelter's Blade Orange Brisinga Reinhart was an acclaimed sculptor as well as a puissant wizard, able to conjure lifelike creations from all manner of molten forms. However, the Bright College was forced to draw a line once she turned her attention to living flesh.
Sword of Mastery.png Sword of Mastery Orange An example of a sword granted to those who tread the Eight-Fold Path of Flame, and thus ascend into the annals of the Bright College. Generally awarded posthumously to piles of ash.
Smouldersteel Orange Heat of the forging still lies heavy on this blade, a smouldering fire waiting to be awoken in battle.
Von Tarnus' Last Gift Red Before Fredrick von Tarnus vanished, he left a single sword in his office, in a case labelled 'In Case of Emergency, Break Glass'. The emergency is here, and the glass broken.
Victor Saltzpyre FalchionAxeTwo-Handed SwordFlailRapierAxe and FalchionBill Hook
Brace of PistolsVolley CrossbowRepeater PistolCrossbow
Kerillian SwordDual DaggersDual SwordsSword and DaggerGlaiveTwo-Handed SwordElven SpearElven AxeSpear and Shield
SwiftbowLongbowHagbane ShortbowVolley Crossbow
Sienna Fuegonasus SwordMaceFire SwordDaggerCrowbillFlaming Flail
Fireball StaffFlamestorm StaffBolt StaffBeam StaffConflagration Staff
Markus Kruber Two-Handed SwordHalberdSwordExecutioner SwordTwo-Handed HammerSword and ShieldMaceMace and ShieldMace and SwordTuskgor Spear
BlunderbussHandgunRepeater HandgunLongbow
Bardin Goreksson Two-Handed HammerGreat AxeAxeHammerWar PickDual AxesAxe and ShieldHammer and ShieldDual Hammers
CrossbowHandgunGrudge-RakerDrakefire PistolsDrakegunThrowing Axes