Sienna's Fire Sword

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Fire Sword
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Parry Angle
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Dodge Count
Wide Sweeps
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Unlock Level
Battle Wizard

Fire Swords are a melee attack weapon with moderate speed and blocking capabilities, that can also set enemies ablaze.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Primary attack[edit | edit source]
  1. Right Side strike
  2. Left Side Strike
  3. Forward jab
Power attack[edit | edit source]
  1. Clawed offhand strike
  2. Side Strike

 Types of Fire Swords[edit | edit source]

Icon Title Rarity Flavor Text Appearance (equipped)
Blacksmith's Fire Sword Template Simple weapon used in the forge to craft new equipment. Can be used for self-defense in a pinch.
Apprentice's Flame-Sword White A sword blessed with a fickle connection to Aqshy, the Fire Wind.
Adept's Flame-Sword Green This sword's fires burn bright, but lack the heat of a true sorcerous flame.
Master's Flame-Sword Blue The power of long dead pyromancers still resonates within this blade.
Matriarch's Flame-Sword Orange This sword's flame rages with the accumulated wrath of the Bright College. Which is a lot of wrath.
The Cauteriser Orange This blade burns hot enough to sear close the very wounds it inflicts. A mixed blessing for those beset by its angry wielder.
Aqshy's Cut Orange It is said that blade enchanted with the power of Aqshy cut deeper than all the others. This of course is not true, the honour actually belonging to Ulgu. But Aqshy blades provoke more screams, making the misunderstanding forgiveable.
Billowblade Orange Many Bright Wizards employ a focus to amplify their powers. A few choose weapons, reckoning that such tokens will lie closest to hand in the hour of need. This sword's tether is lost, but power remains within the blade.
The Searing Sword of Miragliano Blue/Orange A gift from Lucrezzia Belladonna to Countess Withemina Goethe. Unless the appropriate wards are struck, the sword bursts into blame from grips, not the blade, provoking an unfortunate, but deniable, accident.
Flamesword of the Young Fleissman Red Erich Fleissman laments that his older brother led him so astray, but laments the loss of his sword all the more. It's no easy effort to cheat a Grey Wizard at cards, much less make it out alive with the sword levied as wager.
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