Sienna's Flamestorm Staff

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Flamestorm Staff
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Battle Wizard

Flamestorm Staffs are much akin to a flamethrower. They have a primary attack which quickly releases a gout of flame, and a secondary attack which can be held and charged to release a longer-lasting stream of fire.

 Types of Flamestorm Staffs[edit | edit source]

Icon Title Rarity Flavor Text Appearance (equipped)
Enchanter's Flamestorm Staff Template Simple weapon used in the forge to craft new equipment. Can be used for self-defense in a pinch.
Sputtering Flamewave Staff Blue This staff smokey aroma speaks ill of the previous wielder'r fate.
Bright College Staff of Ceremonies Orange Though most wizards are loath to admit it, at a pinch almost any staff will serve in ritual. True ritual staves are hard to come by, and difficult to master.
Von Tarnus' Meltdown Orange Fredrick Von Tarnus was a lover of spectacle above all (although some wonder what it was he was up to while eyes were elsewhere). This staff is amongst his most incandescent creations, and a ready boon in a tight corner.
Aqshy's Generous Servant Red Aqshy is ever a generous wind, eager to share its blessings with all and sundry. It is therefor not so much a matter of binding its power to a staff, as to holding that power in place long enough to make it serve useful purpose.
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