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Career Skill[edit | edit source]

(note: there is currently a bug that prevents the correct audio file from playing for Career Skills. Only the host's equipped/unlocked heroes voicelines will play when in groups.) (?)

Career Skill Quote Audio
Fire Walk Aqshy's Stride!
Flame, walk with me.
By Tarnus and Gormann!
Blazing trails!
You'll know me by my trail of flame...
On heels of fire!
Burning it up!
Follow the fire, darlings!
A nice, warm hug!
Toasty-warm footsteps!
I've some real red-hot moves, darlings.
The Burning Head Fly free!
Off you go!
Heads up!
Yes, it's funny, isn't it?
Find new friends, meet new creatures, little one.
Spread joy, little one.
Ride the wind, little one.
Laughter's contagious, isn't it?
Catch this, darlings!
Doesn't he sound happy?
Don't run! He just wants to be your friend.
Burn them for Aunty Sienna, little one.
Living Bomb Aqshy!
Fulminate! Fulminate!
Red Wind!
Here it comes!
Let it all out!
You asked for it!
Better run, darlings!

Chatter[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Ambient during level Where are the Empire's armies? Sated by food an drink, no doubt, while ancestral enemies plunder and raze. Pathetic.
These Northlanders have many secrets, but none worth the price exacted for that knowledge. On this... Saltzpyre and I agree.
If I were really what Saltzpyre and his order claim, am I not fighting on the wrong side?
Hear those breaking bones!
By the Eight! The winds are flowing strong today. Akways have, of late.
I think Lohner's hiding much from us, darlings.
Don't let the fury of these Northlanders worry you, darlings. Everything burns when the flames are hungry.
I suppose this is picturesque, in its way...
Horde What would you prefer, darlings, Northlanders or ratmen?
Vermin and Northlanders have much in common. They're all deluded, and they all stink.
The ratties will be back. And if they're not, the Northlanders will.
Winds! But I'm glad of the reprieve. There'll be burning aplenty soon enough.
Not fighting for some time It's too quiet, and I doubt it will stay that way.
You don't honest think they've given up, darlings?
Overheat (screaming) The fire! Too much! TOO much!
(pained noise) The flames....
Fire... consuming me....
Fire... inside... can't...
The magic... Overwhelming...
Ahhhh! No! Too much flame!
The magic... It's consuming me...
Burning... Inside...
Too... much... fire...
Being hit I'm tougher than I look, darling.
Not sure there should be this much blood.
Ow! I felt that one.
That all you got?
I'm still standing, dunglicker.
Volans! That stings!
Low Health (under 25%) Definitely felt better...
I'm still standing! Dunklither!
Argh! Alright! Fine!
Argh! Huff... I'm not having another one of those!
Argh! Okay. That hurt.
Argh! You think you're clever, do you?
Burning... Inside...
Down I can't keep going!
Need a hand!
Waiting to be rescued Uggh. Alright. Fine.

Call-Outs[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Tagging Ammunition Ammunition, here.
Arrows, black powder, it's all here.
Found ammunition for you lot.
Look, ammunition.
Found some ammunition.
Ammunition. Not that I needed it.
Take what ammunitions you can.
Look there! Ammunition!
Ammunition trove - if you're in need.
Ammunition's no good for me. Any takers?
Ammunition here!
Tagging Potions Ah! Lovely little potion hiding in the place like that.
Healing draught!
Healing draught. Don't squander it.
Found some healing draught.
Found a potion!
Potion. Over here.
That's a potion!
Tagging Medical Supplies Look! Blessings of Shalia!
Shalia's gifts here!
Healing... stuff...
Ah! Medical supplies!

Mission-Specific[edit | edit source]

Mission Trigger Quote Audio
Righteous Stand After shooting the wall with the cannon What an awful shot! Thank Volans the wall didn't collapse!
The temple's up ahead. Then the real fight begins!
Convocation of Decay When hitting a wrong switch That's the wrong sw- Wait. Did I hear something?
Hunger in the Dark Before going into the mine Who'd even think to make trolls uglier? Boggles the mind, darlings.
Prior to loading explosives onto the minecart Time to load some powder barrels into our little friend.
Hold on.. I think that cart might be useful.
While transporting explosives on the minecart So now it shows enthusiasm! Roll on, little cart!
When the minecart rolls downhill There it goes! Don't let it get too far!
Reaching the minecart just before the altar There we are. Who's a good little cart of fiery destruction?
Halescourge Find your way down the terraces Any sign of the guildsmen's lift, darlings?
Ride the Lifting Platform I think I see... Yes, that's the guildsmen's lift, and our route down.
Athel Yenlui At the start of the stage. C'mon, darlings. This temple isn't going to find itself.
What tales could these trees tell if they could speak?
The Screaming Bell
Fort Brachsenbrücke We've reached the first farm. Knopfelspeil's, was it?
Into the Nest Reaching the Gorog Drin stairs Ignoring the fact it's teeming with Skaven - this is quite the view.
Nearing the Duraz Stromez bridge Here! The bridge!
Against the Grain Near fences Don't tell me you can't climb that precious little fence?
Ambient I tire of losing folk to these heinous butchers.
Empire in Flames Reaching the caravan I bet the barbarians think this a fine victory. They'll sing another tune when I blister and burst their lungs.
Festering Ground 
The War Camp During the level They are a plague, these Northlanders. How fitting that they worship such.
Froschdorf Trail Wouldn't catch me living in a swamp, darlings. The smell alone is enough!
Old Andreas' Den The isolated life's not for me. I like the wildness of cities.
Human skin teepee in Zuhause Gully I'd torch the tents, but they're sodden.
High cliff in the Gully There's the encampment! Right in the middle of the marsh.
Nearing the ram I can't burn that wall, so let's use this ram.
In the tunnel to the Arena Why go to all this effort...? Oh, it's an arena.
Leaving the Pit of Trials With a bit of luck, that'll keep our hideous secret a while longer.
The Skittergate Reaching the first lift We'll use the lifting platform, darlings. We'll need our strength soon enough.
That lifting platform's going down, and so are we.
Riding the first lift Such a mind-numbing dreadful mess they've made. I wish someday we could reach their cities, and do the same.
I know when I'm outmatched. No way could I cause this much destruction. Well, not yet.
Any mission Going the right way This way!
Come on, up here!
Over here! Come on!
Going up Get up here!
Going to the Bridge of Shadows Looks like we've a way out, darlings.

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Enemy Quote Audio
Sackrat Can't outrun the fire, sack-rat!
Plague Monk
Chaos Warrior Who's the weakling now? Chaos Warrior?
That's the Chaos Warrior down!
Chaos Warrior's breathed his last!
Who's the weakling now, rot-helm?
Rot-helm's not feeling so good!
Chaos Warrior's down!
Dead Chaos Warrior! Delicious!
Ratling Gunner Nice work, darlings. No more Ratling.
Gun-rat's been silenced.
Gutter Runner One less Assassins to worry about.
Assassin rat's dead!
We've slain an assassin!
Another dead Gutter Runner!
Poison Wind Globadier Die! Filthy gas-rat!
Dead gas-rat. Lovely.
Warpfire Thrower Fire and ruin, but I love killing flame-rats!
So much for Warpfire. Will the ratties ever learn?
Die! Firerat
Tainted fire is never be a match for the real thing!
Fire is too good for vermin. But fire is also generous and giving.
Burn, fire-rat!
I've killed a Warpfire Thrower!
Packmaster Poor little hookrat!
Poor little hookrat! What a shame.
Strangler's gone limp. He's done.
Dead hookrat. Make me wanna DANCE!
Only good hook-rat's a dead one.
Blightstormer Blightstormer's dealt with.
Sorceror dies and the wind fades. Simple!
Your winds are no match for my fires, Sorcerer!
All talent, no training, that Blightstormer.
So much for the Blightstormer.
Bog-witch Blightstormer's dead.
One less Blightstormer!
Rat Ogre
Spawn of Chaos One less tentacled monstrosity!
Bile Troll

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Character Interactions[edit | edit source]

See also : Character Conversations

Trigger Quote Audio
Praising ally See them fall, darlings! Brings a smile to my face!
Hah! Like a broken toy.
(laughs) That one's dance is over!
Dead, and not before time!
Praising Markus Angry about something, Markus?
Hah! Look at Markus massacring his way through the ranks! More, please!
Praising Bardin Wrathful as a raging fire, eh Bardin?
A fine show, master dwarf. Do it again!
Praising Kerillian Hey! Kerillian's outkilling us all at the moment! Step it up, darlings!
Look at Kerillian! She's a blur of dismembered limbs and blood fountains!
Praising Victor Watch Saltzpyre wreak havoc, darling. Damn, that zealot can fight!
Reviving Victor Stay there, Witch Hunter!
Ally with low health (Markus) Markus, I'm not impressed by scars.
Ally down (Bardin) Stay with us, Dwarf!
Ally down (Kerillian) Come on, Kerillian!
Dead ally (Bardin) No! Bardin's gone!
Dead ally (Victor) Saltzpyre's done for!
Friendly fire received (Bardin) Bardin! Don't shoot me!
Can you please stop shooting me, Bardin.
For the love of fire, watch your aim, Bardin!
Am I a rat or a northlander in your eyes, dwarf?
Bardin. Pretty sure you just shot me.
Friendly fire received (Kerillian) Check your aim, Elf!
Stop shooting me, Kerillian!
Friendly fire received (Kruber) Your aim stinks like a midden, Markus.
Markus? You shot me.
Don't do that again, Markus.
Markus! Are you shooting me?
Not a necromancer, Markus! Not a necromancer!
Friendly fire received (Saltzspyre) I'll see you for that, Saltzpyre!
Save it for later, Saltzpyre!
Not me, not now, Saltzpyre!

Enemy Interactions[edit | edit source]

Enemy Trigger Quote Audio
Horde Spawning They come like the tide!
No quarter! Let none survive unsinged!
Fire and ash! We'll burn them all!
Burn. Burn! BURN!
Arise! Flames! Burn them all!
Time for fire, they're coming!
Kindling everywhere! Time to burn!
A horde of them!
By the Eight Winds! So many!
Plague Monk In vicinity Plague monks, get ready!
Plague monks! Incoming!
Plague Monks!
Plague Monk pack! Burn!
Pestilent Zealots!
Savage In vicinity Savage!
Wild northlanders!
Rotblood savage!
Northland Savage!
Stormvermin Tagging I'll burn that blackrat.
Blackrat. Who wants first go at him?
There, a stormvermin.
Blackrats over here!
Blackrat, I'll char its tail off!
A warrior-rat!
Blackrat! It will burn!
There - Blackrat!
I see a Stormvermin.
Stormvermin ahead. He'll burn.
Chaos Warrior In vicinity Hope you want to fight. We have a Chaos Warrior!
A Chaos Warrior! To me, Aqshy's flames!
That's a Chaos Warrior! A hardier proposition than most.
Chaos Warrior sighted!
Rot-helm! Drive him back!
By the Eight Winds! Chaos Warrior!
Ha! I'll melt that armour, you'll see!
Volans! A Chaos Warrior!
Chaos Warrior! He'll blaze like a torch!
Chaos Warrior!
Don't let up! We've a Chaos Warrior to kill!
A Chaos Warrior! He'll burn like the rest!
Ratling Gunner In vicinity It's the ratling gunner! Move! Move!
Move! It's a Ratling!
Skaven gunner!
Ratling Gun!
Gun ratty!
Firing Get out of the way! GUN!
Ratling's firing! Move!
Get out of its firing line.
Gutter Runner In vicinity Assassin!
Sneaker in the shadows!
Over there, Back-stabber!
Hungry for my fires, assassin?
That's a stab-rat!
Look out, assassin!
Being pinned Get off me!
Poison Wind Globadier In vicinity Wyrdstone apparatus!
See that? Globadier!
Gas-rat! Do you not see it?
That's a gas-rat!
Throwing gas Gas-rats! Throwing!
Globadiers, throwing!
Look out, gas!
Gas-rats, throwing!
About to commit suicide It's going to blow! Out of the way!
Fire and brimstone! That gas-rat's going to explode!
Run! That thing's gonna blow!
Warpfire Thrower In vicinity Foolish ratty! Playing with fire!
Really ratty? You challenge a Maven of the Flame?
That's no ordinary flame! Look out!
Not bad, but my flame will match it!
That's a Warpfire Thrower! Move! Move! Move!
A Warpfire Thrower. We need to kill it!
That's a fire-rat! Someone kill it!
Warpfire Thrower, incoming!
To me, Winds of Magic. We'll show that fire-rat how it's done!
Packmaster In vicinity Hookrat! Do you see it?
There! A strangler!
I'll set that hook rat ablaze!
Hook-rat! Over there!
Strangler! Over there! Kill it!
There's a hook-rat coming for us.
Lifeleecher In vicinity Lifeleech prowling!
Blightstormer In vicinity Silence that Blightstormer so we can breathe again!
Hack that Blightstormer down before his wind kills us all!
Wind-witch! There!
Your winds are never a match for my fire, Blightstormer!
Ashes and dust! A Blightstormer!
Storm Sorcerer!
Tarnus! A Blightstormer!
The wizard has a present for you, Blightstormer!
Blightstormer! I'll boil the flesh off his rotten bones!
That's a Storm Sorcerer! Cut him to little pieces!
Casting a storm The wind will die with its master!
Rat Ogre Spawning Rat-beast! Looks angry, darlings!
Fighting Look out, Ogre!
Rat Ogre! Rat Ogre!
Spawn of Chaos
Bile Troll Spawning A Troll? Time to burn!
Fighting Troll!
Falling Now! Hit the Troll!
Vomiting Beastie's going to vomit.
Troll's about to puke!

Item Interactions[edit | edit source]

Item Action Quote Audio
Ammo Tagging
Bomb Tagging A lovely little bomb, and it's all ours!
No such thing as an unwelcome bomb.
Bomb here!
That's a bomb. Who wants it?
Looks like a bomb.
Using Bomb's away!
Here, try this!
Potion Tagging Ah! Lovely little potion. Let's make the best of it.
Using Hold on. I'm drinking.
What an odd taste!
Gulping down a potion!
Down it goes!
Lovely little potion. Let's make the most of it.
Medical Supplies Tagging Anyone need a little medicine?
Using I need to medicate.
Just a little aid, and I'll be fit to dance again.
See? A bit of liniment, and I'm good as new.
Just one moment.
Darlings? Give the old women a moment.
Argh! Why is everything hurt?!
Argh! Can't a witch just bind her wounds in peace?!?

Unknown[edit | edit source]

(half of an interaction with Kerillian): Sienna-"Well, we can't all be elves, can we?"
Those we can't save, we'll avenge a dozen times over!