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The Old World Pantheon is a collection of god-like deities known and worshiped within the Old World by Humans. The Gods of the Old World are often worshiped together as a single Pantheon of Gods. Each of these Gods are said to represent a defining aspect that is prominent amongst Humanity and Nature, such as the nature of War, Knowledge, Peace, Fertility and Death. Each God is also tied-together by blood-relations, with Taal and Morr being the patriarch of their respected families.

Gods in Vermintide 2[edit | edit source]

The number of gods in the Warhammer world are numerous, below are the gods who are named in Vermintide 2. For more information you can visit the Warhammer wiki through the link found at the bottom of this page.

Sigmar[edit | edit source]

When the sun rests, and the world is dark, and the great fires are lit, and the ale is poured into flagons, then it is time to sing sagas as the Dwarfs do. And the greatest saga is the saga of Sigmar, mightiest warrior. Harken now, hear these words, and live in hope.
~ The Legend of Sigmar

Sigmar Heldenhammer, born as Sigmar Unberogen, is the eternal patron god of the Cult of Sigmar and the Empire of Man, as well as its founder and principle war-god. For fifty years did Sigmar reign over the Empire: a golden age that was just, fair and prosperous. Upon the last year of his rule, Sigmar rose up from his throne and left the Empire, heading eastwards towards the Worlds Edge Mountains. He was accompanied by a great wolf on one flank and a massive boar on the other, his visage was a mask of grim determination.

In Sigmar's divine, all-seeing wisdom, he sees the need for strength from his followers - not only of sinew, but of will and of faith. Unholy threats assail his nation, both from within and from without, and thus he channels his might into his mortal champions. Above all, however, it is faith that serves as the chief weapon of the Empire. Unwavering in their devotion, the warriors of the Empire stand strong against such horrors that would make lesser men go mad with fear.

Taal[edit | edit source]

And then the Cataclysm came. King Taal rose from His Forest, and with Dark Morr muttering dire portents in His ear, He banished all immortals from the world.
~ Translated from the Obernarn Stone, now held in the Imperial Museum, Altdorf

Taal is one of the older gods of the Human tribesmen that created the Empire of Man. He is a member of the 'northern' or 'country' family of gods. He is the God of Nature, the Lord of Beasts, Mountains and Forests. Taal rules nature and is considered “King of the Gods.” He claims the wild places as his domain and is primarily worshipped by hardy woodsmen, trackers, and rangers.

Shallya[edit | edit source]

You think mercy is for the weak? 'Twas Shallya's mercy healed my broken arm so I could lead the vanguard against the beastmen in our last campaign. You saying that makes me weak? Think carefully before you answer, lad..."
~ Sergeant Marcus Orton to a green recruit.

The Old World is a hard place in which to live. Disease, injury, or extended bad fortune can drive a man or woman to the brink of despair, bereft of any hope. These people turn to Shallya, the White Dove of Mercy, who cries tears that bring the promise of mercy and comfort. To those confined to prison or a sickbed, to people condemned to death or who are dying on or off the battlefield, Shallya and her priestesses and priests—for a few men serve her order, too—bring peace and forgiveness, and a promise of a better life in the next world.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

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