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From time to time the game is having special events which change the way the keep looks.

Each even also have a special quest/s which can reward a special character frame

Skulls for the Skull Throne[edit | edit source]

This was the first ever event in Vermintide 2 in patch

The event had a quest to get the "Champion of Khorne" frame by completing 10 quick play games.

Champion of Khorne - reward for the first ever event
Skull throne event.jpg

Sonnstill Celebration[edit | edit source]

The event was presented on patch 1.1.1

The event had a quest to get the "Rhya's Blessed" frame by completing 10 quick play games.

Rhya's Blessed
Sonnstill event.jpg

Mondstill Celebration[edit | edit source]

Festively Frozen

This event was presented on patch 1.4.1

It hasn't introduced any changes to the keep's visual appearance, but included two seasonal quests rewarded with seasonal portrait frames:

  • "A Season for Slaughter", where players have to complete 5 quick play games on Legend Difficulty to acquire a "Wolf of Winter" frame.
NOTE: Patchnotes have stated custom games are valid for this quest as well.
  • "Let Fire Guide Thee", where player needs to find and light 4 bonfires on four different maps (one bonfire on each map) to acquire the "Festively Frozen" animated frame.

A Quiet Drink[edit | edit source]

This event was presented for the Vermintide 2 One Year anniversary. It takes place on a Helmgart map that mixes some elements of previous levels. Bottles of ale are disseminated in the second half of the level, and players have to drink them so as to not fall in an Hungover state, where they cannot use their special ability. Drinking three bottles in a row grants a greatly accelerated cooldown on your special ability, but drinking more will immediately put you out of combat.

The quests it brought were :

  • Finish the level to get a frame.
  • Find 9 pieces of Art in the level to get a painting.
  • Drink all of the bottles in the level to get another frame.

Geheimnisnacht[edit | edit source]

This event reigns during Halloween and adds pumpkins and more candles to the Keep to add to the season's atmosphere. Not only this, but during the event most of the outdoors missions are set in night mode, where the only lights are cast by Mannslieb and Morrslieb in the sky. The event has a themed Weekly Event, two event quests and the frame "Fangtastic Fortitude" has been brought back.

The portrait frame "Fangtastic Fortitude" can be obtained by playing a game with a person who also has the portrait. The other one, "Deathwalker", is obtainable from an event mission.

The halloween quests are:

  • Complete the Weekly Event to earn a painting
  • Complete 10 Quick Play Missions to earn a frame
Geheimnisnacht 1.jpg
Fangtastic Fortitude

Happy Holidays!