The Blightreaper

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The Blightreaper
Blightreaper icon.png
Shadows over Bögenhafen

"Turns out our Bögenhafen problem's down to a Chaos runesword - the Blightreaper. The good news is that Father Kraussman has it under lock and key in a hidden Sanctum Malificarum, but that'll not last. Bring it back here. I doubt we can destroy the blood thing, but I'm prepared to give it a good old Hochland try, as me mother used to say." Franz Lohner

"I've some answers, and none of 'em good. Our Bögenhafen problem's down to a Chaos runesword. Draws fatty Nurgle's eyes wherever it goes and plague follows, plagaue and worse. One Father Kraussman has it locked up in his Sanctum Malificarum waiting for you. Don't disappoint him, or me. Sooner we get the Blightreaper out of Bögenhafen, the better." Franz Lohner

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After Franz Lohner discovers the plague is caused by a Chaos runesword called the Blightreaper, the Heroes make their way through the dark sewers of Bögenhafen to the upper city in order to find the runesword and take it back to Taal's Horn Keep. To claim the sword, they need to find the keys to the Sanctum Malificarum where Father Kraussman has hidden the runesword. They locate the body of Kraussman, who was killed trying to flee the city, close to the Church, and make their way to the Sanctum. After finding the hidden switches needed to open the Sanctum, the Heroes take the runesword and escape through the Bridge of Shadows.

Event[edit | edit source]

To make their way through the pitch-black sewers, the Heroes need to take torches with them and light the braziers found along the way. Heroes carrying a torch can still block and attack, but do minimal damage. Unlike the dark section in Hunger in the Dark, adjusting the gamma setting of the game does not help for better visuality, but enemies are still taggable. At the end of the sewers, three gates need to be opened with three chained winches, similar to the arena event in Righteous Stand.

Finale[edit | edit source]

When entering the church where the Blightreaper is found, the Heroes need to hold off waves of enemies (including Stormvermin, Savages and/or Plague Monks) while finding five hidden switches. The location of the switches is fixed, but the sequence in which they can be activated is randomized. After opening the gate to the Sanctum Malificarum, the runesword can be grabbed and a route of escape opens up. At the moment the Blightreaper is grabbed, all remaining health of the Heroes is made grey, making a fast escape essential.

Post-Mission[edit | edit source]

After completing The Blightreaper, Olesya will say the following.

"'" Olesya

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