The Pit

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The Pit
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Shadows over Bögenhafen
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I'm hearing rumours of something nasty creeping through Bögenhafen. It starts out as a plague, and gets worse from there. Daemon-plants and tentacles, if that sounds familiar. If it doesn't, you ain't been paying attention, 'ave you? My contacts reckon it started in the Pit - the town's poorest district, so do me a solid and get it stopped, would you?
~ Franz Lohner

I'm not gonna lie, Bögenhafen has a poor reputation what with one thing and another, but lately things have been getting worse. Plagues, sickness and disappearances: the usual trademarks of our pactsworn friends. So what say you get your lazy asses upriver and see what's what. Take your best gear, I recon this is will be a skitty one.
~ Franz Lohner

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Heroes travel to Bögenhafen to investigate rumours of Chaos corruption. According to Franz Lohner the Black Hook gang is at the center of it, so the Heroes set out to find their hideout, making their way through the poorest district of the town: the Pit. Once they locate the hideout, they find the place ruined and stacks of tainted food supplies as the source of the plague. After burning down the hideout with the supplies, they make their way back to the docks. Under barrage fire of a Ratling gun boat, they make they're way back to the Bridge of Shadows.

Event[edit | edit source]

At the Black Hook gang hideout, the Heroes need to burn three stashes of tainted food. While the supplies are burning, they are cornered by the Rotblood Tribe and need to fend them off until an explosion creates a way of escape. During the event, the Heroes can board up windows to prevent enemies from entering the hideout.

Finale[edit | edit source]

During their escape, the Heroes have to traverse the dockside while dodging fire of a Ratling gun boat out on the water, while also fighting of a horde. Parts of the ramparts fall away as they are damaged by the gunfire, so watch out for dead drops.

Post-Mission[edit | edit source]

After completing The Pit, Olesya will say the following.

~ Olesya

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Bögenhafen, South Westendamm:
  • Westendamm Altmarkt:
  • Eastern Pit:
  • The Lower Pit:
  • Teugen's Folly:
  • Zwickmühle Allee:
  • Eastern Wall:
  • Footpad Canal:
  • Zwicken Gatehouse:
  • The Rock:
  • The Black Hook Hideout:
  • City Wall Basement:
  • Hintergasse:
  • Brücke Weg:
  • Westen-Vorbergland:
  • Upper Fischmarkt:
  • North Westendamm:

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The passing of time can be seen during this mission, as the Heroes start at sunset and end their mission in the late evening. The change in sky and lighting is done while the Heroes are fighting in the hideout.
  • The Pit has only one single Monster-wall, blocking the shed which gives access to the gunboat finale. It is possible to run through the rest of the mission without having to deal with a Monster spawn, though evading it during the hideout-event might be tricky.
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