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Trinkets are an equipable jewellery worn by all heroes and careers.

Like all jewelry, Trinkets can be crafted at the Forge using Scrap and a Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit. Trinkets do not have an in-game model.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Trinkets provide bonuses to a range of stats, including buffing damage output, mobility, survivability and reviving/respawning. The traits provide a bonus to Bombs.

For properties, a damage based build would want to stack Cooldown Reduction and Crit Chance, a survival based build will want Curse Resistance and Movement Speed, and a tank build would want to prioritize Stamina Recovery and Curse Resistance. Note that as most parties will run with all books, taking Curse Resistance is both highly recommended (and seen as polite towards the other players, as you will less likely be downed). Revive speed only helps if you expect your team to be getting downed often, while respawn speed relies on dying to get any value. Generally, these properties are not recommended, as it's best not to use properties on things that only help runs which are already going poorly.

As for traits, Grenadier generally outperforms Explosive Ordinance because bombs are usually used for Monsters or patrols, and bombs are often scarce. Shrapnel can be taken if facing a Boss.

Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Stamina Recovery (+10-30%)
  • Crit Chance (+3-5%)
  • Cooldown Reduction (+5-10%)
  • Movement Speed (+3-5%)
  • Respawn Speed (+10-30%)2
  • Revive Speed (+10-30%)3
  • Curse Resistance (+11-33%)4

1 Affects your character's Active ability

2 Affects how long it takes your character to reappear in the world after you die.

3 Does not work on rescues (picking up teammates that have died)

4 Reduces the effect of the Grimoire's Curse, which reduces the maximum health of players when carried.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Traits found on Trinkets are associated with Bombs.

Image Name Description
Trinket trait explosive ordnance.png Explosive Ordinance Increases grenade explosion radius by 50.0%.
Trinket trait grenadier.png Grenadier 25.0% chance to not consume grenade on use.
Trinket trait shrapnel.png Shrapnel Grenades cause hit enemies to take 20.0% increased damage for 10.0 seconds.

Trinket Variety[edit | edit source]

Name Flavor Text
Abbess's Plumbstone This stone is so-named because it is said to guide the bearer upon the path of true faith.
Charm Scroll A peasant's protection against the Dark Powers, usually a hastily-scrawled blessing from a Sigmarite priest.
Dwarfen Wealthstone Most dwarfs bear a trinket of this kind, exhorting the ancestors to guide them to unsullied wealth.
Jeweller's Trinket Simple jewellery used as a template for new equipment. Offers a small bonus in battle.
Lucky Rat's Skull A polished trophy, possibly fashioned in the mistaken belief that it would keep the skaven at bay.
Myrmidia's Hidden Sun Seldom worn openly, this pendant identifies a Myrmidian blade-sworn, acting in secret within the Empire.
Pauper's Crux A pauper's charm, unblessed by officialdom. However, poverty often brings wisdom, and small blessings of its own.
Potted Unguent A vessel of thick and pungent oils, long past their prime. In battle, the repulsive smell is worth a dozen blessings.
Seeker's Key This charm signifies a symbolic adherence to the seeking of truth. Or did, until Witch Hunters began slaughtering all who bore them.
Token of Manaan A fish-shaped charm that proclaims the bearer's heretical belief that life began within the oceans.
Veteran's Badge A golden charm, presented to a militiaman upon reaching rank of sergeant.