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A setting that allows Streamers to give their chat the ability to vote on various decisions which affect the game, making the run slightly easier or more challenging. During every vote, the game will either present 2 modifiers, from which the chat will have to choose one, or present an item, after which the chat needs to decide who to give it to.

The streamer has the option to change the voting duration, as well as the amount of time that needs to pass before another vote starts..

List of possible modifiers[edit | edit source]

Modifier[edit | edit source]

Effect[edit | edit source]

All aboard the wild ride! Spawns multiple Blightstormer
All the Rage Spawns a Rat Ogre
Bad Indigestion Spawns a Bile Troll
Blackfurs on Parade Spawns multiple halberd-wielding Stormvermin
Blessing of Regeneration Applies a regenerative effect to all party members, making them regain Permanent Health
Blood loss Applies a quite powerful bleeding effect to all party members which can incapacitate and kill players
Bomb Will gift the selected player a Bomb
Boon of Concentration Applies the effect of the Potion of Concentration
Boon of Speed Applies the effect of the Potion of Speed
Boon of Strength Applies the effect of the Potion of Strength
Curse of the Rat Temporarily applies the effect of a Grimoire (Can add a third stack if 2 Grimoires are already held)
Eavy Metal Spawns multiple Chaos Warriors
Fire and Fury Spawns a Stormfiend
Gunline Spawns multiple Ratling Gunners
Guns blazing Ranged weapons will consume no ammo and fire weapons produce no heat for a limited duration.

Also gifts a single unit of ammunition.

Healing Draught Will gift the selected player a Healing Draught
Hold your breath! Spawns multiple Poison Wind Globadiers
Incediary Bomb Will gift the selected player an Incendiary Bomb
Kill it with fire! Spawns multiple Warpfire Throwers
Medical Supplies Will gift the selected player Medical Supplies
Potion of Concentration Will gift the selected player a Potion of Concentration *
Potion of Speed Will gift the selected player a Potion of Speed *
Potion of Strength Will gift the selected player a Potion of Strength *
Release the slaves! Spawns a single wave of enemies, either slave rats or fanatics
Sneaking, Stabbing... Spawns multiple Gutter Runners
Soul Drinkers Spawns multiple Lifeleechers
Treasure hunt Spawns multiple Sack Rats
Writhing Horror Spawns a Spawn of Chaos
  • * If a person holding a Grimoire is voted to receive any of these potions, the Grimoire will be thrown on the ground, where it can be picked up again.