Saltzpyre's Two-Handed Sword

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  Weapon   Illusions   Attack Pattern  
Two-Handed Sword
Saltz 2 handed sword icon.png
Parry Angle
90° ParryAngle3.png
Dodge Count
High Damage
Wide Sweeps
Crowd Control
Unlock Level
Witch Hunter Captain
Bounty Hunter

Shoddy greatsword, employed only by Witch Hunters on the path of penance.

Name Flavor Text
Meistod's Zweihänder Felix Meistod was never one for painstaking investigation and interrogation, instead preferring to cut straight to the heart of the matter, as it were.
Templar's Greatsword Greatsword forged for use by the Templars of Sigmar.
Unbalanced Greatsword Shoddy greatsword, employed only by Witch Hunters on the path of penance.
Adjudicator's Greatsword A blessed greatsword, wielded by ranking officials of the Templars of Sigmar.
Blacksmith's Two-handed Sword Simple weapon used in the forge to craft new equipment. Can be used for self-defence in a pinch.
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