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Trueshot Volley
1:20 (80 seconds)
Hit Points

Waystalker is one of the three careers from which Kerillian can choose.

This career is the first one available, while Handmaiden and Shade are available through levelling up.

Description[edit | edit source]

Still fighting, mocking, taunting and racking up a staggering amount of kills - Kerillian returns, more quick-witted and vicious than ever.

In battle, Waystalker is the next step in Kerillian's career as a Waywatcher, reflecting her ever-increasing skills with a bow and arrow. The Waystalker specialises in elven archery in all its forms, be it pinpoint precision work or sheer volume of arrows loosened upon hordes of oncoming enemies.

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ability Description


Passive Ability
  • Kerillian regenerates 3 health every 10 seconds when below half health.
Trueshot Volley.png

Trueshot Volley

Career Skill
  • Kerillian shoots a volley of arrows that seek out enemies in her path.
Arrow-storm Passive Ability
  • Increases ammo capacity by 100%.
Waywatcher's Bow Passive Ability
  • Double effective range for ranged weapons.
Asrai Vigil Passive Ability
  • Ranged weapon zoom. Bound to weapon special by default.

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