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Weaves (also known as the eight Winds of Magic) is a new gamemode added by the Winds of Magic DLC. The weaves differ from the adventure by requiring a set of weave-forged weapons, available at Athanor on the Arcanum where the weaves are also accessed.

Arcanum[edit | edit source]

The weaves are accessible on the Arcanum, which is on the roof on the leftern part of Taal's Horn Keep. But the player needs to first complete Dark Omens to gain access to the weaves. If one has successfully completed Dark Omens, Olesya will move to the Arcanum to teach the player how to forge weapons at the Athanor and how to select weaves.

Winds of Magic[edit | edit source]

Winds of Magic are made of different weaves, which are a combination of the following:

  • Map: A reversed and reskinned chunk of an existing adventure map
  • Wind: The different Winds of Magic will affect and modify the map
  • Objective: Each map will have a specific objective for players to complete.
  • Finale: If the objective is completed the players will face the final challenge.
  • Difficulty: As players progress the difficulty will increase.

There are eight different tiers of weaves starting with Jade with the wind Ghyran's Flourishing, which makes brambles to grow from all slain enemies and will damage and slow down the player.