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Fiery Faith
Holy Fervor
Hit Points

Zealot is one of the three careers from which Victor Saltzpyre can choose.

This career is available at level 12, after Witch Hunter Captain and Bounty Hunter.

Description[edit | edit source]

Since losing his eye in a fateful encounter with the Skaven, and the obsession with the ratmen that followed, Victor Saltzpyre could no longer handle the Orders lack of support for his convictions. Deeming all worldly organisations insufficient for the monumental tasks ahead, Saltzpyre slowly descended into a fanatical worship of Sigmar, and set out to cleanse the unrighteous himself.

In battle, the Zealot is a furious melee fighter who thrashes heretics, heathens and monsters with flails and maces in a holy rage. Although lightly armoured, the Zealot is capable of suffering grievous wounds and continuing to fight— bolstered by his faith alone.

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

Ability Description
Fiery Faith.jpg

Fiery Faith

Passive Ability

  • Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing.
Unswerving Strikes

Passive Ability

  • Heavy attacks can't be interrupted by damaging attacks.
Heart of iron.png

Heart of Iron

cooldown: 90 sec

Passive Ability

  • Resists death on taking lethal damage.
Holy Fervour.jpg

Holy Fervour

Career Skill

  • Victor charges forward and gains 25% increased attack speed for 5 seconds.
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